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Why do people commit suicide Discuss in relation to Durkheim's work - Essay Example

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Drawing from relevant literature, it is valid to argue that disorders in an individual’s life are likely to cause profound effects on their lives, ranging from emotional to psychological disorders. Some of these disorders lead to tragic consequences of self destruction, the most devastating, suicide…
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Why do people commit suicide Discuss in relation to Durkheims work
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Download file to see previous pages Being termed as one of the major cause of death in the world today, it is of the essence that research regarding the theme be understood, not on a scientific point of view, but on a social view point, so as to have a first hand understanding on the victims in question. Credited as the father of Sociology, Durkheim is accredited for making tangible contributions in Sociological research. His work on suicide remains to be one of the works that have changed the manner in which the theme has been understood in the society, as well altered the manner in which sociological research has been carried out in Sociology. This is to mean that Durkheim is of the opinion that suicide can be discussed on a social science point of view. Additionally, suicide can not only be discussed on a biological and psychological point of view but based on social facts. This paper shall aim at discussing the social causes of suicide, and the degree to which these facts can be ascribed or related with social issues. With the backing of arguments of other scholars who second the propositions by Durkheim, this paper shall also endeavor to assess the weight of these propositions in regard to social facts that cause suicide. . The work shall also weigh the critics of the propositions by Durkheim, and whether they neutralize the facts or not. Finally, the paper shall take a stand on suicide and Durkheim. 2.0. Body 2.1. Suicide victims In the work compiled by Bryant (2003: 840), a huge percentage of persons who commit suicide are indicated to have suffered from depression. This has been linked to mood disarrays among these personalities. Due to tragic events such as death of loved ones, a lot of persons tend to suffer from depression, and ultimately suicidal attempts Bryant (2003: 840). The middle aged, whites and men are the most likely victims of suicide as evident in the work of Smith (2012: 1) who carried out his research from random interviewees. This relates to this group of persons not having the ability to act impulsively in times of predicaments in their lives. The family also plays a huge role regarding suicide rates (Sigelman & Rider, 2011: s3).This relates to marriage, family size and suicide rates. Bryant (2003: 840) adds on to argue that suicide rates are high among the divorced women, as opposed to the married women. In the event that one’s partner is at a risk of death, chances are that the left partner will engage in suicide (Bryant (2003: 840). It is therefore warranted to emphasize that marital status cannot be ignored as another causative agent of suicide in the societ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Why Do People Commit Suicide Discuss in Relation to Durkheim'S Work Essay.
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