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Social Welfare Issues - Term Paper Example

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Immigration The history of immigration dates back to the evolution of mankind. Ever since man intended to descend the tress of African jungle and occupy the land, the tendency to migrate from one part of the globe to the other continued…
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Social Welfare Issues
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Download file to see previous pages Migration commonly takes place from the poor parts of the world to those of the rich parts. Unfortunately, a small percentage of people occupy the rich parts of the world (17%) while a large percentage of people (83%) occupy the poor parts of the world. The United States of America makes up one-third of the affluent world and is the top destination for those who are seeking immigration to acquire high standards of living. This has created several problems for United States itself as the country is prone to discrimination issues with each fresh arrival of immigrants. Hence, US are compelled to ponder if she should take some rigorous steps to restrict immigration. Immigration is arguably the most critical issue that the concerned authorities consider a challenge for themselves and seem to be bewildered if they should make an attempt to restrict immigration via stringently enforced regulations. However, critics believe that it is in the best interest of United States to embrace immigration following the old methodologies concerning the effects of migration as according to the US jurisdictions. Critics believe that the US government has no right to violate the rights of the immigrants by restricting them through strict rules. Immanuel Kant proposed a Golden Rule which deals with transgression of personal freedom of individuals (Browning 103). Kant believes that each individual must endeavor to treat others in the similar manner as he wishes to be treated by them. This theory can be applied to understand the ordinary yet, complex issue of migration in the United States. Hence, the United States of America should refrain from impeachment of such rules and regulations which their citizens would consider as a source of contravening their personal rights if they were among the underprivileged masses of the world. The privileged masses of the world would certainly oppose any rule or law that would violate their rights. In the same way, the underprivileged masses of the world would not permit anyone to take advantage of their indigent status and devoid them of the opportunities. Further, the Golden rule suggests that prosperousness of one individual should not be gained at the expense of the other. Thus, US can only restrict immigration if she provides some solid proof against the ordinary process of immigration and its baneful impact on the American society. John Dewey believes that an inquiry should be carried out to probe if immigration has negative impacts on the American society or not (Siegfried 19). Such an inquiry intends to highlight the harmful effects of migration and to prove that the devastating effects of migration are significantly huge. However, the recent inquiries have proof that immigration does not violate the rights of the locals of the country, but it serves as a source of collective good for the whole mankind. Thus, restricting immigration would be a choking attempt to detriment the cause of preservation of the well-being of humans. Such an unjust attempt is certain to violate personal freedom of millions of individuals across the world. The contemporary American politics is mainly divided into two spectra, the left political spectrum show great aversion to the process of immigration while the right political spectrum supports it. The traditional conservative politicians in America keep US social order very dear and urges on the idea that an intact social ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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