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Reflection on aetiology of criminal violent behaviour through genetic and environmental influences - Coursework Example

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The aetiology of criminal behaviour from the standpoint of genetic and environment influence is a subject that has engendered much debate in the medical, and scientific communities as to which of these two areas carries more weight and influence…
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Reflection on aetiology of criminal violent behaviour through genetic and environmental influences
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Extract of sample "Reflection on aetiology of criminal violent behaviour through genetic and environmental influences"

Download file to see previous pages Table 2 - Continued Arrest by Race, United States, 2000 27
Table 3 - Drugs and Victimisation 35
Figure 1 - British Crime Survey 19
Figure 2 - Police Recorded Crime 19
Figure 3 - Trends in BCS Crime - 1981 through 2006/07 20
Figure 4 - Trends in BS Violent Crime by Type of Violence,
1995 - 2006/07 20
Figure 5 - Map of Crime Rates in the European Union 30
Chart 1 - Prevalence of Victimisation Rates for 10
Common Crimes in 2004 29
Chart 2 - One Year Prevalence Victimisation Rates
for Assaults & Threats in 2004. 31
Chart 3 - One Year Prevalence Victimisation Rates
for Assaults with Force in 2004. 32
Chart 4 - One Year Prevalence Victimisation Rates for
Assaults/threats and Consumption of beer per
100,000 of the population. 33
Chart 5 - Mean Rates for Different Types of
Contact Crimes between 1988 and 2004 34
Chart 6 - Violent Crime and Theft Rates in
Three European Countries in 1989 - 2004 35
The aetiology of criminal behaviour from the standpoint of genetic and...
In other theories put forth in the mid 1900s, race and or ethnicity was said to be a genetic contribution to violent behaviour and traits.This study shall look at the aetiology gathering the views of a broad range of theorists as well as scientists to determine the current day views on this subject manner, seeking to utilise statistics as another form of correlation. Law enforcement authorities as well as social scientists and researchers all seek a better understanding of the causes of criminal behaviour and violent crime as a means to address this problem which has become so much a part of our societies, lowering the quality of life for all as well as making us susceptible to unwanted act of aggression.This study shall seek to examine the "aetiology of criminal violent behaviour through genetic and environmental influences". In undertaking such an examination, the definition of key terms within the foregoing represents an important facet in understanding the context of the foregoing. Aetiology is a term primarily utilised in medicine, and represents "the science that deals with the causes or origin of disease, the factors which produce or predispose toward a certain disease or disorder" (, 2008). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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