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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins - Essay Example

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Name Date Course Section/# The Hunger Games as Indicative of Sociological Concepts and Norms Although there are oftentimes a great many sociological themes in certain books and/or movies, the exemplification of sociological content in the recent book and subsequent series of films “The Hunger Games”, is indicative of many of the sociological concepts that a sociology student is greeted with as a result of his/her coursework…
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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Download file to see previous pages... The first of these concepts which will be analyzed is that of the fundamental Marxist nature of the post-apocalyptic world in which the heroine finds herself. The reader is instantly greeted by a society that is highly stratified and one in which those that have actively work to ensure that those that have not will continue to find themselves in such a situation of want and/or deprivation. Although it is not the belief of this analysis that the author/filmmakers sought to portray a Marxist worldview, the fact of the matter was that the society in which Katniss survives is itself typified only by such a broad and overarching definition (Sharpe 1). In this way, the author presents a situation in which those who control the reins of society actively allocate and distribute the bare minimum to some whereas others live in abject poverty and still others (such as those in the capital) enjoy a situation which can only be defined as a type of largess. Moreover, this definition leads us conveniently into the second sociological element that the story itself engenders. Secondly, in the game (which one could argue is highly allegorical of the game of life) racial segregation and the biases that exist between class/region/gender/age are accentuated as the combatants adjust themselves to their own destiny, train for their future combat, and enter into the arena. Ultimately, the piece serves to act as a type of specialized sociological lens which humanity at its most basic level can be analyzed. Rather than seeking to analyze the nuances of how human behavior is exhibited within the normal world, the piece seeks to strip away every known detail of civility, trust, honor, and to a large extent love and friendship. Only at this point is it clear to the reader/viewer that the most primitive elements of humanity are able to be discerned as the confusing and/or complicating elements of human nature have been successfully stripped away. Thirdly, the segregation of class, race, gender, age, and geographic region of origin as well as the repression of power and wealth among key elements of society engenders a primal struggle for resources and a power conflict that defines the way in which the course of human history has been decided (Cassel 1). One cannot argue that the quest for resources and the disagreement between groups upon how those resources should be allocated has led to nearly every conflict that has ever existed within recorded history. Again, this struggle for resources based on the factors that have been listed ultimately relates back to the selfish motivations that encourage an individual to behave in a given way based upon their social interaction model and/or the level of personal gain they believe they will accrue by behaving in such manner. As such, the novel and subsequent film serves to provide a running dialogue not only of the sociological issues surrounding needs and wants but of the economic realities that define that only certain groups will be able to achieve a certain status based upon pre-conceived and oftentimes inalterable understandings of gender, race, class, and/or geographic origin (Jeffries 1). Although this element blends somewhat with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Hunger Games
The author begins the story by highlighting District 12’s day of reaping, which is set to take place at 2:00 pm that afternoon (Collins 2). The author develops and narrates a sense of loss through the young characters when they die after killing each other in the fights.
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The Hunger Games
She is the backbone of her family and the story displays her strong emotions as she gets through the days in order to fight against her toughest competitor, who by chance, also turns out to be her object of love and attraction as the two develop close relations amongst each other.
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Analytical Essay on The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
She is the backbone of her family and the story displays her strong emotions as she gets through the days in order to fight against her toughest competitor, who by chance, also turns out to be her object of love and attraction as the two develop close relations amongst each other.
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Novel analysis. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
According to findings, the author, Collins, got stimulus for the hunger games from channel surfing. It is said, that Collins viewed on one particular channel how individuals competed on a reality show and on another she saw the footage other features, like the attack of Iraq by the United States security forces.
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The Hunger Games-Outline & Thesis
She meets with Peeta, and they form a bond. In the second part, the games begin and eventually Katniss and Peeta team up. In the last part, the two must face each other, and turn to eating poisonous berries, the announcer declaring them the
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The reality TV and media in The Hunger Games
The country known as Panem has 12 districts, with its headquarters at Capitol, which is the major city “run by the governing elite” (Tamny par.4). The system of the game, designed for the sadistic
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Summry of any book
As she makes her way to the meadow from her home finally arriving in the woods where it was wrong to go, the reader gets an impression of her impoverished state of the District as well as her family. She is constantly thinking about her younger sister Prim who is her junior by
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The Impact and Treatment of Security Threats in the Hunger Games
According to the paper, the state is highly advanced, ruling above all others in the entire United States. The title, hunger games, arises from an annual event held in the state annually in which every state in the nation produces a girl and a boy in their teenage years who are put to fight in a televised battle, only ending in death.
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Critical, Close Reading Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games
The main one is rebellion. Authoritarian rule would most definitely lead to rebellion, as well poverty. This was the case with the districts of Panem. The
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Active Lesson Plan
Allow students engage in a pre-writing activity by allowing every student write a moment in their life in detail on a their pieces of paper.
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