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Survive Makes People Inhumane - Book Report/Review Example

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In the novel, The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, there are a lot of inhumane activities whereby people like Katniss are facing challenges of trying to compete with…
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Survive Makes People Inhumane
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Extract of sample "Survive Makes People Inhumane"

Download file to see previous pages The theme of survival is well portrayed in the alliance of Katniss and Rue. It is also depicted in her friendship with Peeta, mentor Haymitch, and Gale before the beginning of the games.
It is helpful to consider the concept of inhuman as a part of the theme of survival. This means that an individual can become inhumane because survive makes people inhumane. The main character Katniss faces many challenging situations in the entire novel where she has to choose to perform an inhumane thing to another individual. Often, she is influenced to make such decisions due to the indirect or direct threats caused by the harsh treatment she faces from the minority districts.
It would have been difficult for Katniss to survive if she had depended on another person. This is clearly seen in her association with Rue at the games. Her alliance with Rue was a matter of life and death. Katniss finds herself in an inhumane situation when she was trapped in a tree by her opponents who had severe weapons. During this time she was aware that her survival was only depended on her alliance with Rue. If Rue wanted Katniss dead, she would leave the tree and not point the nest (Collins 208). This shows that in order for an individual to survive, he or she must depend on others, for instance, to help them make decisions during challenging situations (Clark and Mary 32). In addition, their alliance was two sided, as both decided to share their food. This is portrayed when Katniss says “…I make sure Rue is well stocked with food… (Collins 213)”.
The fact that survival makes people inhumane is also seen through the relationship of Katniss with Peeta. Peeta was one of the competitors in the hunger games coming from the same minor district as Katniss. Because of survival, Peeta devoted her training partner Katniss throughout the whole competition. The games are themselves inhuman. This is an inhumane of controlling a poor society. It is extremely ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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