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Sexuality and Society - Essay Example

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The American nation built on the principles of freedom and equalit.It is undeniably a great country to live in with an enormous global stature and influence,many developing and underdeveloped countries look up to it…
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Sexuality and Society
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Download file to see previous pages With many facets of American society enhanced our lifestyles and reaffirmed our beliefs, there are certain aspects that do not conform and qualify as normal. The definition of normal has changed over the past two decades and things that were once defined as taboo by Christian religion and society are widespread these days, qualifying as normal and a part of our daily routines. The aspects that made our society and eventually the American nation a great are economic factors, amenities provided by government to American citizens, the justice system, democracy, human rights, religious and social equality and excellent political leadership. On the other hand there are some aspects in our society that have deteriorated to an alarming extent, aspects such as family system, entertainment media and violence in society threaten the viability of our culture and social system. Sex on television is not a new phenomenon, in fact over the past few decades’ sexual behavior, nudity and stereotyping genders has enhanced in our entertainment programs, movies and even in songs. This research report is based on a content analysis to determine the extent to which exhibiting sexual behavior has increased during the past two decades by studying two popular sitcoms (i.e. a sitcom from 90s is compared with a current sitcom of 2012). The subjects of research are Fresh Prince of Bel Air, a well known and famous sitcom that started airing from 1990 and Two and a Half Men although first aired in 2003 but is still in running. Theoretical Framework The main theoretical framework used for the purpose of this research is based on cultivation theory. Cultivation theory accepts the impacts of media and its consistency over the mind of audience. This theory depicts that television is a powerful medium with ability to alter perceptions and thinking process of its audience. Hence, viewers thinking process and inherent values also change with the external stimuli. Where these values and habits contradict with the pre-established social norms, frustration appears leading to violence, aggression and deviant behavior. Under this theory, TV is considered as a tool for developing an experience based on reality which made its viewer develop willingness to have similar living conditions as shown in the shows. As a result of this, the viewer develops habits which are coherent to the lessons of the television shows but may contradict with social values. Another concept related to cultivation theory is mainstreaming which stands for blurring, blending and bending of social lessons (Gerbner 3). According to concept coined by Gerbner, media especially TV projects lessons in a manner which results in cultural shifts. It is evident that over past two decades, the sexual outlook of American society has varied greatly. General public has developed a behavior which is coherent with the lessons taught in sitcoms and hence, reduced the differences between real life and fantasy. This pursuit of developing similarity between real life and television causes public to blend the lessons from television into their normal lives which further strengthens the concept of cultivation theory. Also, these concepts explain that whatever is projected on television is popular and desirable and must be opted for social conformity. Literature Review For the purpose of this research report and monitoring the similar behavior in the selected sitcoms, Sex is defined as dialogues or behaviors that point towards sexuality suggest sex or active sexual relationships but not limited to actual sexual occurrence (intercourse). According to cultivation th ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sexuality and Society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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