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The Issue of Sexual Exploitation Depicted in the Girl by Kincaid - Essay Example

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The goal of the present essay is to critically analyze the theme of sexuality and society and class in relevance with a woman brought up in the story "Girl" written by Kincaid. Particularly, the essay would address the problem of women exploitation by men in modern society…
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The Issue of Sexual Exploitation Depicted in the Girl by Kincaid
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Extract of sample "The Issue of Sexual Exploitation Depicted in the Girl by Kincaid"

Download file to see previous pages A young girl in every society is molded along with the culture and customs of the society. In every part of the world, a growing female child is nurtured by her mother with anxiety and curiosity. A mother is concerned about her girl and her upbringing as she a woman who is supposed to raise a family in the future. Here the mother is warning her child not get a name tag of “slut” in the future with her behavior and attitude. The mother wants the child to have a proper relationship with men and should keep her chastity and purity as a woman. This story has relevance to many happening in today’s world where a woman is a subject.
The story has relevance with an event happened recently where a mother killed the rapist of her young daughter. A Spanish woman in the fist of anger murdered the rapist to quench her revenge for spoiling her child’s future. We can see that a mother has a lot of expectation of a growing young girl and the woman in the story is warning her child about etiquettes and manners expected from a woman in society. The girl needs to know that the world outside is filled with men with lust and violent mentality. She has to know that she needs to keep her sexuality in limits to avoid problems in the future.
A girl who had to undergo rape is a sign that a young woman leads a risky life in a society where there are people who view her sexual object. The woman who killed the rapist had been showing her contempt for torturing her child. We can understand that a young girl is different from a young woman due to the sexual temptation she can arouse among men. She intentionally or unintentionally can spread a message of being “slutty” with her behavior and attitude. So we can understand why the mother in the story “girl” is so cautious about education her young daughter.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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