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Automobiles in the US - Essay Example

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This paper, Automobiles in the US, discusses that the United States of America has been one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world since a long time; the country had given rise to some of the best cars the world drives even today. …
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Automobiles in the US
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Download file to see previous pages According to the paper  there are many downsides to owning a car and making use of it every single day because Americans now feel that cars are more a curse than a blessing in their lives. This is because of the reason that cars tend to cause traffic jams, making people late for their appointments rather than help them reach on time. As most families in America have cars now, it is becoming impossible to maintain them on the roads. Furthermore, as discussed later during the course of this paper, so many cars on the road have doubled and tripled the levels of pollution and excess of greenhouse gases in the environment, leading to a harmful environment for people to live in as well. All these aspects tend to cause more frustration than taking care of the well being of people. Thus, would America be better as a car-less society? The social and cultural advancements in American society today depend largely on the reliance on cars and automobiles. The economic aspect of this country relates to the high profits that it has been making in the automobile industry and boils down to the economic strength that America as a superpower has been deriving from the money it has been making in this sector. All of this implies that if cars were to be banned in America, it would lead to a literal standstill of all these activities; farmers and other producers would not be able to transfer their goods to the market and reach out to consumers and people would not be able to travel from one place to another. From this paper it is clear that it must also be understood that the automobile industry employs a large amount of people; firstly there are people that engage in the production and manufacture of car parts and automobiles in the showrooms and secondly, there are a large number of people engaged in road transport services – right from the people that are employed by various companies to transport their goods and services from the producers to the consumers and others that are part of either private companies or employed by the government to drive vehicles and take people from one place to another. This entire aspect of the economy would foresee a collapse if all cars in the country were to be banned, not to mention a large amount of people being rendered unemployed. American society is said to be one of the most social societies around the world; banning cars in America would tend to undermine this concept of being social with each other on the weekends and meeting up with people every now and then.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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