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D)The role of 'community' in youth justice in Canada (see for example YCJA preamble) - Essay Example

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Role of community in youth justice in Canada Over the last two decades, Canada has raised the chances and the possibilities for the community to become involved in the treatment of youthful offenders. In Canada, there has been a reasonable growth in the quality of opportunities for the community to get involved in crime prevention and the exploration of problem oriented policies…
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D)The role of community in youth justice in Canada (see for example YCJA preamble)
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Extract of sample "D)The role of 'community' in youth justice in Canada (see for example YCJA preamble)"

Download file to see previous pages The emergence of community justice movement has been noted by the law commission of Canada. Participatory justice is not particularly common in Canada, but it refers to a collection of community based strategies to facilitate the involvement of the community in responding to youthful offenders (Cornwell & McElrea, 2006). The community acts autonomously from the Canadian criminal justice system (Kratcoski, 2012). This has come about because of disillusionment with the formal criminal justice institutions or the established system. This has led to an effort to experiment and innovate with an aim improve the situation. The Canadian Youth Justice Act (CYJA) motivates people to use the provided laws to keep the young offenders from being absorbed into the official or formal justice systems of the juveniles (Cornwell & McElrea, 2006). The provisions of the Canadian youth criminal justice act encourage youth justice officials to make use of what is known as extrajudicial measures (Kratcoski, 2012). These are the measures used upon all the juvenile offenders who are involved in serious crimes (Doob, 2004). The objectives of such extrajudicial measures have also been stipulated in the Act. The objectives include: to encourage the community, family and the victim to get involved in the process. ...
Prosecutors and the police are encouraged to use the pre-charge and post-charge diversionary techniques under the Canadian youth criminal justice act (Cornwell & McElrea, 2006). Under the YCJA, the police and prosecutors are allowed to issue warnings, give police cautions, give police referrals to young persons and take no further actions (Alvi, 2011). All this is done to community agencies or programs to assist the juvenile offenders not to commit crimes (Kratcoski, 2012). According to Kratcoski, the police referrals are to a wide range dealing with community resources, counseling agencies and programs. The Canadian youth justice act suggests that police should consider referrals to troubled youths (Doob, 2004). The act states that the youthful offenders should be referred to community programs. This provision tends to be underutilized. Police community programs and partnerships need to be strengthened and enhanced (Doob, 2004). There needs to be tools that shall enhance such police referrals. The police has the training and the capability to prevent the youths from walking down the criminal and offensive pathways (Kratcoski, 2012). The police is considered to be among the first respondents (Cornwell & McElrea, 2006). In order to do this effectively, the police need to access community resources. Communities are encouraged to come up with incentives that shall enhance community/citizen partnership and participation in the juvenile justice system through community services and programs touching on mental health and drug addiction services (Strang & Braithwaite, 2002). According to Strang and Braithwaite, these challenges are known to target the youth exclusively. A variety of chances and opportunities ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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D)The Role of 'community' In Youth Justice in Canada (see for Example Essay.
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