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Student Number Word Count Emotional Labor Generally people behave according to their emotions and behavior. Despite that, emotions do not only happen to us. Mostly, according to the feminists we control our emotions (Brym, R. J. and John Lie 2011: 15)…
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Emotional Labour
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Download file to see previous pages Emotional labor is not easy for few individuals, and for lots of individuals emotional labor can result to increased burnout and stress. In addition to this, the most common example of emotional labor that we can see is the dealing of teacher with student who hand in assignment late, regularly is when a manager asks that workers in position of customer service must always remain pleasant and should have smile on their face at all times, in spite they face of insults. Occupations in which the managers give more importance to intelligence of employee than physical existence frequently involve less emotional labor; therefore such labors excessively penalizes the disenfranchised and poor. Emotional labor is the process of social interaction which centers on the showing of emotion as a necessity to job routine of an individual. Many cases of emotional labor are present but all cases do not refer to being gratifying. In some cultures, despite a person feels happy for certain job bur he/she has to be intimidating or reserved. Generally, such labor comes out in case of service worker or different low level jobs where an employee have to present certain emotions, even they do not feel them. To explain the concept let me quote my personal work experience as a sales worker. Being a sales representative requires a lot of effort as one has to control one’s feeling while dealing with customers. As success of a business relies on the satisfaction of customer, so a great emphasis is laid in every organization to effectively manage the services and products. The major emphasis and pressure lies on our department as an effective servicing can convert an unsatisfied customer to a delighted customer, but it requires immense patience and emotional management. Since I work on a shoe retailer we usually come across many such incidents but the one I would like to quote here was one that made me employee of the week in my store. One day I was doing my job as always and a man came and asked for a pair of shoes. I arranged all the best available in my store and explained the utilities of each pair. Once the customer learnt about the material of all the available variety, he managed to select one. Upon selection he requested for his size and the request was ultimately fulfilled without wasting time. The customer was really happy with the service and contently bought the selected pair, thanked me and left. The other day I was again doing my work professionally when suddenly in a raged mood came a man. I recognized him as he was the same customer. He within an instance started yelling at me. Being a human, I felt really humiliated but I had to manage my emotions to correctly perform my professional duties. I offered him a glass of water and asked him to sit and then explain me what made him so much angry and inquired whether he is alright. After a while the man started complaining about the pair of shoes he bought yesterday. He said that he had planned to go to office with a new pair of shoes but as soon he slipped in his feet and walked, the sole was detached. It was such an awful experience that instead of going to work, he immediately ran to the store. After hearing his whole story, I sympathized with him and took the pair from him and checked what actually was causing the problem and then I saw that the man was actually right. At times when the stock is too old and left unsold such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Emotional Labour Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words. https://studentshare.org/sociology/1461365-ypemotional-laboury.
“Emotional Labour Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/sociology/1461365-ypemotional-laboury.
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