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Argument comparison - Assignment Example

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Argument Comparison Name Institution Argument Comparison The article “big engine that couldn’t” addresses the issues that affect the public companies. The author, Steve May, feel that these companies have been in constant capitalism locomotives since their advent in the mid nineteenth century…
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Argument comparison
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Download file to see previous pages For instance, Russia abandoned a five-year plan in favor of the listings in the stock market while Wall Street abandoned its lucrative partnership for the public equity. These companies have become vital market entities mainly through three main business tools that they regarded durable and successful in setting and running their businesses. These trading tools included limited liability that lured the public to invest in these companies. They also provide professional management towards boosting productivity of the investors. Finally, they provided “corporate personhood” (May 2012) that means any business venture can survive despite the removal of the founder. These business ideas introduced by these companies were highly accepted among the Americans. According to May, in the year 1997, these American companies grew and reached their peak of 7,888 companies. Moreover, during this period, these companies became even more profitable than they were about 60 years ago. The aim idea in “article big engine that couldn’t” is that the growth of these companies. However, May also note that this growth disadvantaged some other business entities in the United States. In fact, these companies grew in the emerging markets making the investors believe that they are “the big fish in the lake (May, 2012).” The article, “Occupy Santa Clara: Corporate Personhood Reconsidered” is concern with the criticism that the “Occupy movement of failing to bring coherent set of demands in the business fraternity. Moreover, Stephen Diamond, the author, is a high concern on people’s perception on the personalizing corporations (Diamond, 2012). According to the article, the ballot measures that were conducted in some states, in the United States, last year (2011) terminated the idea of personhood. Diamond emphases that the ideas of personhood are never good, and he uses a phrase that used in the Occupy event that says, “I’ll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one of them (Diamond, 2012).” He further illustrates that Texas never execute many people annually compared with the deadly effects of personhood or corporation to investors. However, he acknowledges that since the corporations across the country are considered and organized as legal entities or persons, they are much easier to dissolve that if they could have been considered otherwise. Moreover, Diamond, stresses that terminating these institutions only requires filling forms and paying fee requesting for termination. Diamond says that personhood is a sure way for these organizations to get into contract, hire and dismiss workers, sue and be sued, engage in free speech, and to personalize or mange the affairs of other corporations (Diamond, 2012). In fact, according to Diamond, corporation are worse as they had never existed; thus, in his article, he has only concentrated on the limitations of the personhood is being used by these big companies. Despite these disadvantages the Diamonds highlights, he also feels that personhood concepts have other advantages to investors. For instance, he feels that this form of partnership often gives the investors right to defend and denigrate some concepts in the organization they for part. He asserts this usefulness of personhood by borrowing the words of Stephen Bainbridge, a conservative law professor, who once said, “Though the corporation’s legal personality obviously is a fiction, it is a very useful one (Diamond, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Argument Comparison Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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