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Social Comparison Theory - Assignment Example

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The author examines the social application theory which can apply to various aspects of human life such as in health and education. However, the most important application of the social comparison theory has been on the improvement of the health conditions of patients with chronic diseases…
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Social Comparison Theory
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Download file to see previous pages Social comparison research has developed a lot from studies focusing on the single phenomenon on such as self-evaluation to wide studies covering the influence of emotions and behaviors. Scholars are now studying the effects of social comparison in populations making the concept more important than a mere lab experiment. Despite the immense research conducted in the field, there are still greener areas that scholars can exploit. The link between social comparison and the bio-psychological functioning of humans can be an interesting area for future research. Social cognition theory and personality differences can also be linked to the social comparison process. Nevertheless, the amount of attention given to social psychology makes it an important phenomenon in human social life worth or research.
The social comparison theory is a common theory in social psychology developed in the 1950’s by Leo Festinger. The theory supposes that human beings are to some extent innately driven by their personal evaluations of their opinions, abilities, and self-worth. In the process of self-evaluation, individuals often liken themselves with other people they can identify themselves with and make the subsequent comparisons. One of Festinger’s hypothesis was that the need for social comparison tends to increase the pressure for people to seek group uniformity. People try to assess themselves by discerning their individual abilities and opinions in relation to persons around them. In most cases, people tend to desire to increase their abilities thus, compare themselves to other people particularly those they consider somewhat superior to them. The upwards social comparison usually results in lower self-esteem while downwards comparison tends to increase an individual’s feeling of self-worth. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Social Comparison Theory Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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