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Dominant Ideology - Essay Example

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Bigotry of Working Class and the Poor Discrimination of the working class and the poor people based on their race, class and gender is prevalent all over the world, no matter it is a developed country or a backward nation. Today’s headlines proudly proclaimed, November 10 is observed as ‘Global Action Day for Malala Yousafzai’…
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Dominant Ideology
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Download file to see previous pages Nearly all the teenage boys in those areas are forced to get only religious education without any access to technology, science or modern day current affairs. No male Malala is ready to die for them as they are kept completely ignorant of an outside world, internet, smart phones, video games and most importantly liberty. The dominant ideology here is not to suppress women alone, but total humanitarian development and evolution as a whole. While the children of the rich and the elite get educated in convents and foreign universities the children of the poor are forced to live a perilous life in complete ignorance. It is hard to believe millions of people are kept ignorant in the name of ideology just because they are poor even in this technology enhanced age. Representation of Poor As the Less Privileged Discrimination is prevalent in every possible field in several various forms. But the most dangerous of all is the discrimination of the working class and the poor people. Several laws are enforced upon them by the religion, by their community and the society in general preventing them from mixing with “the others” who are superior to them. ...
Take any gangster film working class poor people will be depicted as loud, arrogant and uncivilized. Coloured poor people will be shown as devious villains trying to take out the virginity of chaste white women, while the white men are portrayed as saviours who prevent the atrocity or race mixing. Similarly, poor working class women are portrayed as cunning, untrustworthy, seductive ladies with bad intentions. Else they are shown as dumb, submissive females (Espiritu). Most of the porn movies depict the black or coloured men and women committing what are considered sin by most of the society. They try to emphasize again and again the rich white class is benevolent, lucky and bearing the tortures created by the poor working class. Reinforcement of the “Get Rich” By the Society A child born and bought up in a poor or lower middle class background in any part of the world is forced to look into various images which makes him/her believe they can do anything to be rich as they are the ultimate symbols of success. Trying and imitating the rich white class in every way possible, using the exact things they use, everything becomes a part of this success chase (Moraga). A few days back, the news reported a teenager in China sold his kidney to buy a latest model iPhone and iPad. The youngsters are brainwashed to such an extent that being poor is wrong and getting rich or at least pretending to be rich is very important. They are ready to go to any level to do the same as their “imagination is arrested” preventing them to think beyond what is taught to them. Rarely enlightened youngsters like Malala from a poor background, who oppose what is forced upon them and seek liberty through ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Dominant Ideology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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Ideology be statements of natural law (e.g. political economy), but which when unmasked could be seen to be "really" deceptive defenses of capitalism. 4. Terry Eagleton in his book ‘Ideology an /introduction’, described ideology in the following manner: the process of production of meaning, signs & value in social life; a body of ideas characteristic of a particular social group or class; ideas/ false ideas which help to legitimate a dominant political power; systematically distorted communication; that which offers a position of a subject; forms of thought motivated by social interests and identity thinking; socially necessary illusion; the conjuncture of discourse and power; the medium in...
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...1: Motivation Individuals from many different backgrounds within the political spectrum of the United s have indicated that the Israel lobby, namely AIPAC, has a disproportionate level of influence on the United States legislative branch. This topic is of particular interest in part due to the fact that it is somewhat taboo. Ultimately, many individuals have wrongly been accused of anti-Semitism merely for indicating that the Israel lobby has a disproportionate level of influence with respect to the way in which the laws of the United States are crafted. This is due in part to centuries of anti-Semitism and sensitivity to the way in which issues relating to Israel’s existence and the Holocaust are understood by individuals... Motivation...
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