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This paper a discussion on the way social media affects politics.Social media ultimately is considered as one of the disruptive technologies. It alters the delivery of information, news coverage, online content and the manner in which people digest developments in the world of politics…
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How Social Media Affects Politics
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Download file to see previous pages cebook get their news stories from friends and family while those on Twitter will get them from family and friends, in addition to the news organizations. Social media’s influence on political campaigns is undeniable. For starters, it allows the politician to have some control over his message since the campaign is responsible for the messages that they send out (Daily Kos group). Unlike the traditional forms of media, no filter exists, and the campaign is sure of on the way the message is going to be presented. Second, the speed of news travel on social media can be used as an opportunity when various issues that need addressing arise (Daily Kos group). There is no need for a carefully worded and edited press release or contacting a newspaper reporter and begging for print space. A politician who has grown and groomed their list on these sites will reach a wide audience in the shortest time possible. While a good press release will take time, a tweet, with its 140 characters will take a shorter time. Social media also exerts influence by its competitive advantage (Daily Kos group). Since not all people use social networking tools, if a story breaks and a reporter is working on a deadline, they will take what they can get, in this case, a tweet or a status update. If one opponent responds faster than the other does, the reporter will obviously take their response and run with it. Additionally, the free-of-cost nature of social media has leveled the playing field a bit, with candidates now using these sites to solicit for funds and connect with their electoral base. Finally, supporters and undecided voters are likely to view a candidate’s social networking activities, not as a fundraising tool or a marketing one, but rather as a resource (Daily Kos group). Voters...
This paper approves that social media aided the protestors to organize and communicate more efficiently and effectively, and when the mobilized protestors took to the streets, they did so with knowledge of what was to come. This is because they had seen the brutal crackdowns on YouTube, and thus, were prepared to fight the government. Many of the countries threatened to arrest the bloggers who they accused of spreading malicious lies. Pressure from these governments forced Twitter to announce that it would be allowing country-specific Twitter censorship, which sparked outrage from users around the globe. This shows just how influential social media is, given that major governments are willing to risk draconian censorship to stop its effects.A famous politician is likely to have many twitter followers; equally, a popular party is likely to have many followers.
This essay makes a conclusion that political candidates should not dedicate most of their resources to camping through social media. However, a traditional form of campaigning such as door-to-door campaigns can prove to be a very successful embarking. The other negative effect of social media on politics is associated with spammers and scammers all over the internet. Many people are suspicious of the genuine and authentic nature of the internet and social media especially those who have been victims of scammers and spammers. Additionally, the possibility of con artists impersonating individuals in social networks by fake names has made some people lose faith on any political message, which is conveyed through the internet. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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