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Interview with a person from Kuwait about colonization - Essay Example

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Kuwait History Customer Inserts His/Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts 14th November, 2012 Personal Account My names are Mohammed Al-Fozan from Kuwait, country which is based in the Middle East region of the world. I was born 25 years ago in the city of Kuwait to Kuwaiti parents of Arab decent…
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Interview with a person from Kuwait about colonization
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Download file to see previous pages The United States is a big country compared to Kuwaiti and thus a lot of people of different cultures, races and origins reside there. I found out that most of my acquaintances in the US are inquisitive and therefore they are a little bit cautious when they get to know that I am an Arab and Muslim. Moreover, most Americans cannot differentiate between Independent countries such as Kuwait and the Middle-East as a region. The British colonized Kuwait but they did so using the local rulers such as the Emir Sabar (O'Shea 102). The British rule was not so cruel and they did not change the country a lot in terms of influencing culture, trade or religion. In Kuwait, Arabic is the native and official language with but a lot of people speak English especially as a trade language. I am also an English speaker, which I learnt through formal education system in Kuwait. Before travelling to the US, I was well aware that most Americans speak English and other languages such as French and Spanish are also widely used in the US. The English language and Arabic languages are quite different due to their origins and usage. Most of the Arabic words cannot be found in the English language and vice-versa. Therefore to many words such as Muskrikin, Kafir cannot be found in the Arabic language. ...
I travelled once to the UK and I was amazed at the multi-cultural aspect of the British life (O'Shea 94). The big difference with Kuwait is that the UK culture is diverse and the climate of UK is cold and harsh. Although the United Kingdom colonized my country, Kuwait and Britain maintain good relations and therefore they do not influence the decisions made by across the administration of each independent countries. The colonization of Kuwait by the British government was not so bad compared to other British colonies. This is because it assisted the country in accelerating it towards independence and political freedom. Moreover, once Kuwait became independent it was opened to the world for trade and foreign relations starting with our former colonizers, the United Kingdom. In terms of geography, size, religion and cultural aspects, Kuwait and UK are two diverse countries rich in history. Kuwait is an easy country to understand due to uniformity of its culture and religion unlike UK which has a diverse culture and people of different races or origins. The UK is more secular state compared to Kuwait which is predominantly Islam. Britain did colonize Kuwait as a means of it scramble for countries as a show of power. Colonization helped establish the current leadership which is good and has helped to establish better lives for all Kuwaitis. Kuwait is a good country due to its music from Abdullah Khaleeji and other popular artistes and I also love reading books by Mohammed Saeed al-Saha (Casey 86). While, movies like Losing Ahmad and Storm from the South are my favourite from Kuwait. Although, I also have likes from the UK such as books like the ‘The Constant Gardener’; favourite music being ‘Big City Life’ and movie is James ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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