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White Folks Do Not See the Racism in Society - Essay Example

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Racism is cancerous to human relationships i.e. it has eaten away the fabric of humanity. Racism is considered as a system of offering advantages based on race. The racism power among whites is related to the fact that they possess the power and control over resources such as education…
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White Folks Do Not See the Racism in Society
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Download file to see previous pages White folks would never realize the impacts of racism because a majority of people of color do not have the required resources required for racialist tendencies. Additionally, the modern form of racism occurs unnoticed owing to its passivity nature. Examples include avoiding race-related issues or laughing at a racist joke. People of color are normally hurt by such behaviors although whites may never realize it. The essay below addresses the reasons why white people do not see racism in society. Racist white folks are blinded by ignorance that makes them fail to realize that racism spans at individual or systematic level. Personal racism is related to the ideas and feelings held in the minds of individuals such as hatred towards a certain race and fearing people just because of their race or color. Systematic racism includes the way in which favors are distributed in the society. For instance, most public schools are primarily financed on the basis of value of people’s property implying that students from poor urban areas attend schools with insufficient funding and poor learning facilities (Rothenberg 2007). White people may never realize any racism as they can easily afford proper housing. White people may fail to experience the existence of racism in the society because it is never directed to them; they form the majority of perpetrators of the vice. Pride is the prominent factor that makes white people fails to realize the presence of racism in society. Some white people take their race to be far superior to others. History purports that there was a time that they used to rule all the other groups. They were the owners of most non-white groups especially the blacks. Most whites cannot adjust to the fact that blacks are currently free to live. These would believe that the only way to strengthen the white dominance over other races is through directing racist and discriminative attitudes towards other people. Most whites who engage in racist activities may not realize the consequences of their actions (Carlson and Roberts 2006: 486-504; Lisa 2004). The present white generation acquired most of their racist behaviors from their parents leading to acceptance of racism as a cultural behavior. The frequent use of cultural images affirms the inferiority of the people of color and the superiority of the white is racist. Racist parents instill hatred in children to ensure that they enhance the culture of racism in their old age. Some may even threaten to kill or harm their children if they see them socializing those from a different race. White racists may also have had unbecoming experiences with members of other races making them develop negative tendencies towards them. They would never consider revenge or resentment as racism. The economic uncertainty makes most non-whites engage in societal vices such as crime and drugs (Squires 2006: 40; Law 2010). This perception makes whites develop resentment towards people of color leading to development of negative or racialist attitude towards them. White people hate most behaviors popular with the black people such as sagging of the pants; considering them anti-American. The attitude extends in the leadership ladder. Most may shy away from electing leaders of color because of the fear that such behaviors may be emulated by their children. The education sector is also clogged with the historical information that portrays most non-white people as mere slaves who are illegally present in America as immigrants (Wang 2008:58; Levin and Nolan 2011). With the immigrant notion, the whites might commit discriminative or racialist ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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