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Introduction to Social Work - Research Paper Example

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Introduction to Social Work Name: Institution: Introduction to Social Work Question 1 Gay, lesbian and bisexual individuals experience a lot of prejudices and prohibitions as a result of their expression of similar-gender sexual emotions (Weber, 2008). Regarded as an “at-risk” group, these people are exposed to numerous forms of discrimination, which might make them leave school, commit suicide or do other drastic things…
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Introduction to Social Work
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Download file to see previous pages 19% came by electronic mails from friends. The research incorporated the use of four diverse scales. Those who took part completed the Internalized Homophobia Scale (IHP), Schedule for Heterosexist Events (SHE), Drug Abuse Screening Test (DAST) and Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT). A MANCOVA, with regards to sexual orientation as a cofactor and age as a covariate, proved that there were vital differences regarding how gay, lesbians or bisexuals experienced internalized homophobia and heterosexism. In essence, according to the research, lesbians and gays reported experiencing more heterosexism when compared to bisexuals (Weber, 2008). Also, bisexuals and gay males, on the other hand, reported experiencing more internalized homophobia when compared to lesbians (Weber, 2008). The key discovery of the research was that those partakers who have at least used one substance reported experiencing heterosexism as well as internalized homophobia more often than the people who are not categorized as tangled on either the drug abuse or alcohol use. Implications for counselor educators, mental health counselors and significant researchers are given in this research. Question 2 Delivering an inclusive summary of the occupation, this book, An Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare, looks at the modern society with a pragmatic view of social matters. By offering positive strategies in the perspective of the ethics, core values, knowledge and skills base of today's skilled social worker, the writing persuades readers to think about fresh and realistic means of solving social problems along with empowering clients. Throughout this book, exhibits, social problems cases and tables help the reader relate chapter concepts to real-world scenarios, as well as compare and contrast these issues. Totally up to date, the 6th edition incorporates the latest coverage of human rights, President Obama's social welfare agenda, topics about bisexualism, the housing crisis and recession, and much more. It is, therefore, a must read for people to understand these issues well. Social Work: A Profession of Many Faces (12th edition) incorporates the modifications in the social work profession. Fundamentally, this edition includes chronological material on the materialization of social work as a vocation, the groups and areas where human services are offered and career opportunities for social workers in today’s world. The book reflects modern, pragmatic data concerning where social workers are engaged, what positions they embrace, the personal characteristics which they convey to their practice and the competencies needed to perform their job. This edition offers social workers an exceptional focus on the different groups, to which they offer their services, including older adults, children, disabled persons and minority groups. Therefore, any market interested in knowing everything about the field of social work should read this book. Question 3 Similarities According to the three writings, these people, because of being sexual minorities in today’s anti-gay society, experience emotional and physical stress – an occurrence which the authors classify as minority stress. Heterosexism and homophobia are leading constructs in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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