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Social Inequalities - Essay Example

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Social Inequalities Course/Number: Date: Introduction The chosen pieces of literature to be used for this discussion are Grace Kao and Jennifer S. Thompson’s Racial and Ethnic Stratification in Educational Achievement and Attainment, Paula England’s Gender Inequality in Labor Markets: The Role of Motherhood and Segregation and Michael Hout’s Social and Economic Returns to College Education in the United States…
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Social Inequalities
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Download file to see previous pages Brief Summary of the Readings Chosen Grace Kao and Jennifer S. Thompson’s Racial and Ethnic Stratification in Educational Achievement and Attainment, is very key to this discussion, in that it in it, Kao and Thompson discuss the demographic composition of the American youth among white Americans, the people of color and American immigrants. From this juncture, Kao and Thompson discuss the rate or extent of accessibility among these groups of American youth. This lays the ground for Kao and Thompson’s work which explains the disparity in the distribution of socio-economic values along races and classes. The idea herein is that Kao and Thompson are assuming that there is a direct correlation between education and the distribution of socioeconomic values (Kao and Thompson, 2006). ...
England’s motif or theme is that in America, the two forces (women’s responsibility for childbearing and gender segregation in jobs distribution) are unrelated since the latter does not trigger the former. England opines that because of societal constraints, women prefer mother-friendly occupations which heighten their emoluments but give trade-offs on higher learning, on-the-job training and steeper wage trajectories that are needed for professional or career development (England, 2005). Michael Hout’s work, Social and Economic Returns to College Education in the United States presents an interesting piece which is important to this discussion. Just like Kao and Thompson, Hout argues from the standpoint that education strongly correlates with the distribution or realization of important socioeconomic outcomes such as family stability, economic success, health and social connections. Hout discusses the theories of stratification and selection and the viability of education as a tenable option for economic empowerment. Hout discusses the manner in which management of education (for instance, college and university selection systems) unfairly undercuts other subcultures and cultures and thereby, undermining the empowering essence of education. Hout’s standpoint takes a different and more holistic approach when he asserts that education affects profoundly, the uneducated, more than (and not only) the educated. Likewise, he asserts that the benefits of education are pervasive enough to suffuse states, nations, and the rest of the demography (Hout, 2011). Comparison and Contrasts There are points of similarities between Kao and Thompson’s work and Hout’s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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