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Marriage patterns of monogamy, polygamy, polyandry, and polygyny - Essay Example

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Identify marriage patterns of monogamy, polygamy, polyandry, and polygyny. There are two predominant types of marriage namely monogamy and polygamy. Monogamy is a kind of marriage where one is allowed to have only one spouse while polygamy is a where one is allowed to have as many spouses as they can take care of…
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Marriage patterns of monogamy, polygamy, polyandry, and polygyny
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Marriage patterns of monogamy, polygamy, polyandry, and polygyny

Download file to see previous pages... In the postwar times, women increasingly married men regardless of how many wives the man had. This was due to the social mobility that existed at that time. However, this is not the case with the current situation. The number of women taking polygyny type of marriage has reduced with many preferring to remain as single mothers instead of getting into a polygamous setting. The reverse can be said of monogamous type of marriage. Traditionally, marriage had so much inequality where man was allowed to marry as many wives as they could but the reverse was not allowed. With economic limitations experienced in the current situations, the pattern has changed with many people going for monogamous marriage. Polyandry has always been a unique and unacceptable type of marriage in the society. Traditionally, it was not culturally right for a woman to be married to more than one man. Although even now it is not common, the pattern has changed where there are a significant number of women with more than one spouse than it was before. 2. What is the preferred marital arrangement in the world? Identify serial monogamy or modified polygamy. What is our marriage system in the U.S.? The world marital arrangement has experienced a significant change. Traditionally, polygamy was the most preferred type of marriage with polygyny being more common in sub-Saharan Africa and by the Muslim dominated countries. However, this has changed with monogamy taking preference over polygamy. Many household in the world preferred monogamy with some places even allowing serial monogamy. This is a marriage where one is allowed to marry many spouses but one at a time. Serial monogamy happens largely in industrialized countries like North America. An individual is permitted to remarry after divorce or the death of a spouse. Majority of the people prefer this type of marriage as a way of mitigating the spread of STI’s like HIV/AIDs. It is seen as the safest marriage where one can trace a spouse sexual life without endangering their lives. However, some people may prefer to remain single but keep sexual partners. Either way, even without marriage commitment, the aspect of serial monogamy still comes out. Marriage in the U.S is largely affected by economic status. The system has developed to defining who marries who. This division is mainly on the career ground, location, parents’ economic and social status and less on religion. The underlying factors have led to majority of the people ending up in homogamy where they cannot find potential partners. For them that manage to be in a marriage, monogamy remains their preferred type of marriage with possible divorce in case of a disagreement. 3. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of survey research method used in marriage and family studies A survey research method involves a respondent- researcher interaction. It takes four forms, which are, mail survey, phone survey, in-person survey, and web survey. All the mentioned forms of survey have their advantages and disadvantages and the circumstances that allow their use. Among them, the most famous is in-person survey since the researcher is able to be physically involved with the respondents. Conducting a relatively accurate survey on marriage is a basic important part in getting reliable results on marriage and family studies. The research method comes with several advantages as well as disadvantages. The advantages include, but not limited ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Polygamy in the United States
Polygamy and bigamy is according to present day American law criminalized. The purpose this paper is to present a case against legalizing polygamy/bigamy in the United States. According to a story titled: ‘One woman’s crusade’, published in ABC News (2004), strict lawful actions are not currently taken by the USA government against the polygamous community firstly because polygamy is practiced as part of religion among them and secondly because they claim that the marriages other than the first one are not performed against the presence of church or law; these are marriages in what they call a ‘spiritual sense’.
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It is regarded as a good measure of the potency of a man and desire for sexual gratification. In Zimbabwe, men can have as many wives as possible as an outcome of birthright. In the average African society, subsistence is difficult and women have previously realized the benefits of polygamy, which is the sharing of burden among the many wives (Junod 1962).
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This terminology relates to the time when there are more than one partners in marriage but traditionally it just pertains to having more than a wife ("Polygamy-Definition", n. p.). For some time, there were many civilizations, cultures, and societies around the globe that legitimized polygamy as a usual thing to conduct, and there were completely no issues for a man to have more than one spouse and in some cultures, women were also allowed to have more than one spouse ("What is Polygamy?
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If, as the argument goes, there has not been a fundamental alteration of what it means for two people to be married, then the institution of marriage is one that is, indeed, sacrosanct, and should not be re-examined. However, as this essay shows, marriage, as an institution, has evolved, and is continuing to evolve, which means that the institution can evolve in the direction of equality, without too much concern.
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The author states that polyandry continues to oppress against women. This is because in most instances, especially in the developing world, women are usually forced to get married since their parents view them as a waste of money if allowed to attend school. The issue gets worse when they are forced to get married to elderly men at tender ages.

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