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Safeguarding cyborg childhoods: incorporating the on/offline behaviour for children into everyday social work practices - Essay Example

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Safeguarding Cyborg Childhood Name: Instructions: Task: Date: Safeguarding Cyborg Childhood In essence, literature review is a functional body of transcription fundamentally structured with the key goal of assessing, appraising and evaluating the most significant points in a work of literature (Dawidowicz 2010, p.3)…
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Safeguarding cyborg childhoods: incorporating the on/offline behaviour for children into everyday social work practices
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Safeguarding cyborg childhoods: incorporating the on/offline behaviour for children into everyday social work practices

Download file to see previous pages... May-Chahal, C. Mason, A. Rashid, J. Walkerdine, P. Rayson and P. Greenwood, the literati meticulously took into account the elemental objectives of writing a literature review. One of the chief objectives of literature review is to amalgamate and sum up what is known in the scope of study (Dawidowicz 2010, p.7). 1) The article under inspection examines a number of issues sandwiched between the use of the internet and social work in connection with children’s welfare. It starts by appreciating the efforts of the child protection social policy in safeguarding the children from offline harm. It advances, however, to point out on the negligence of the same policy in curbing the side effects of children’s use of the internet and computer-based communication. Moreover, the editorial critically analyses the perception of different children in issues connected to such communications. The methodology applied in conducting the research is in accordance with social policy services. Social policy for social work is deemed to examine the ideas of social welfare coupled with its relationship to society. The conclusions, according to the piece, cite the potential problems associated with online communications for young people. The social policy can, therefore, utilize such problem statements to find appropriate solutions. On the other hand, the article is characterized by a few limitations. In accordance with tips on writing professional literature reviews, it is extraordinarily imperative to review a piece of literature work chronologically, hence, noticeably depicting its evolution over time. In other words, this technique helps the reader to determine whether one researcher developed on the work of the other. However, the piece of writing under scrutiny did not acknowledge this vital mode of operation. In my opinion, the US Internet Crime against Children Task Force could have been a direct development of the European Union Online survey. However, since there is no proof from the article, we cannot, in a real sense, create a sequential order of events. In addition, a perfect structure of literature review should take into consideration the identification of blind alleyways and suggest means for replication (Dawidowicz 2010, p.72). In this case, however, unsubstantial claims such as the ability of gender nauseatingly influencing internet usage are undoubtedly accepted and used as some of the facts for reference. In my opinion, however, such arguments are unacceptable and should be subjected to further examination before being included in literature reviews. 2) As much as all literature works tend to share similar aspects of providing justification of research studies carried out, there is often a considerable diversity in the details of how this exacting practice is conducted (Dawidowicz 2010, p.119). Similarly, the theme of discussion in this article has been outlined clearly and affirmed by justification. Under the scrutiny of how children in the global world painstakingly bring into play the various online practices and applications, a number of prior studies are cited. For instance, the panel of writers bases one of its references on a prior study on internet practices of about 1500 youthful individuals as well as a group of young people aged between nine to meager nineteen years of age. The study is based on the amount of time children spend online on their daily operations as well as the gross ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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