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Following the publication of the Government's Sexual Violence against Children and Vulnerable People Report in July 2013 Using - Essay Example

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ANALYSIS SEXUAL VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN AND VULNERABLE PEOPLE REPORT By Tutor Institution Date Introduction Sexual offences occur everywhere in the world. Most notably, it has been encouraged by a situation of dependence to individuals and groups which make some people to be very vulnerable…
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Following the publication of the Governments Sexual Violence against Children and Vulnerable People Report in July 2013 Using
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Extract of sample "Following the publication of the Government's Sexual Violence against Children and Vulnerable People Report in July 2013 Using"

Download file to see previous pages This paper seeks to analyse the SVCVP report as it was presented in July 2013. In view of this, it will highlight main features and the trends that have been realised in the operations as per the concerns of the different stakeholders involved in its implementation as well as future proposals. A few groups have been noted to champion the liberation of children from sexual pests. Some of these are; The National Group, Department for Children, Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCBs), Department of Health (DH) and other trusts that make sure that the children would be safe. Ministerial Statement The statements as were addressed by the Minister of State for Policing and Criminal Justice indicates that the government was truly involved in the operations on implementation of the act. His statements on the severity and obscenity of the violence meant to insinuate that it affects everyone in the society. Much as different societies have different cultural beliefs, issues relating to sexual matters are purely universal. The statement that political issue can never handle the matter fully sends the idea that this is an issue that should be handled at the ground levels. The ground levels as proposed by Leach (2003) include all the socialization agents namely the family, school, church, mass media and peer groups. This is because sexual violence takes place in different forms and should therefore be understood by the different social groups in the society. Other violence oversight groups as indicated above have a role to play in mitigation of the rights of young children in the society. Sexual matters are of grievous concern and they also have a historical bearing meaning that the different agency groups mentioned may try to reach the grounds upon which these vices are created and developed. From an analytical perspective, it is therefore sound to intertwine the knowledge observed by the ministerial statement to the works of Friere (1998). It was indicated that lack of a co-ordinated and inclusive action by the society will render the actions of stopping the unethical practices void. Review of the National Group The national group was a collection of experts in policy making that was brought together and tasked with the work of looking into the history of matters related to child abuse. Why was formation of this group necessary? According to the observations of Francis, Skelton and Archer (2002), every matter that touches on a need for social change requires a homogenous approach. It would be better, in their perspective, if this approach is a co-ordination from the national centre. The co-ordination would create an integrated approach to the matter bearing in mind the different socio-cultural differences. From the report, there are other programmes that had been set over the years to try and tackle the issue at hand. This means that the national group had a very important uniformity in responding to the distress calls from the different parts of the country. From the works of the group as indicated in the report, big progressive steps have been taken in addressing matters of sexual violence from the traditional perspective to the emerging issues in the same field. The emerging trends, as has been recently stipulated by Bauman (2001) refer to the perpetrators devising repulsion ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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