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Kuwait - Research Paper Example

They were harassed by the two neighboring countries which were Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The British protected them by imposing Uquair protocol with an intention of defining the borders of the three countries. Oil was discovered in the 1930s which made the country to adversely prosper among the countries in the Middle East. Revenues were divided between them and the British protectorate. Kuwait gained its independence in 1976, and full control of the oil was attained by the Kuwait’s government. Since then, Kuwait has prospered due to its oil activities, and it is the main product exported by the country currently. (Michael) Kuwait and linguistics According to (Albader), Kuwait has been profoundly influenced by many immigrants who settled in this country. There is a vast linguistic variation though it is understood and spoken by all social classes. The language that is widely spoken in this state is gulf Arabic. They use the Hadari dialect. English comes in second. Other languages largely spoken in this state include Urdu, Persian and Hindi. Europeans are also settling here, and they bring their languages along. Arabic is widely used in schools and many people are bilingual. There are many newspapers, and TV stations which embrace the English language. English was first used during the years when oil was discovered in Kuwait. ...
Not only for business purposes, the oil business opened up Kuwait and many people moved to settle in other countries. They needed to learn English so that they could

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The Kuwait-Iraq War
Actually, Kuwait was invaded by its neighbor country Iraq back in 1990 when no one was expecting any such sudden and unjustified action. Heavy research has been done on this massively important war and myriad reasons have been exposed that explain the basic intentions of Iraq for attacking Kuwait.
8 pages (2000 words)Research Paper
Kuwait Liberation Research Paper
He became Hitler of modern times. The blame of Kuwait invasion has always been directed toward the “the well-documented brutality of Saddam's regime, including human rights violations committed by his government against the Iraqi people, and especially the Kurds”, as Klein writes in his article (para.1).
5 pages (1250 words)Research Paper
Their use of secondary airports with an aim to cut turn-around times and charges is also a competitive advantage over rivals like Jazeera Air. Its point-to-point non-stop services would also appeal to business people plying the Europe-Middle east route. Ryanair is quite different from Jazeera Air because it carries out direct booking, which has no charges on sales commission.
4 pages (1000 words)Research Paper
The Role of women in Kuwait
The paper aims to establish a foundation regarding several aspects of the role of women in Kuwait, which encompass social, economic, political and economic roles. Furthermore, the paper will also discuss how roles played by women have changed overtime in the context of the modern Kuwaiti society.
8 pages (2000 words)Research Paper
Kuwait Women
Educated women in the country always experienced the sociological problem that kept them from their men counterparts at the work place. They had to stop their education and career after a short period of successful performance owing to the continuous pressure from their family or society.
3 pages (750 words)Essay
Air Pollution and Population in Kuwait
The topic that is being discussed statistically in this paper is ‘Air pollution and population in Kuwait.’ Air pollution and population are two very interrelated topics of study. In the present days where climate control is an important topic of study, it is important to study the topic of air pollution, which is in a way directly related to climate control.
9 pages (2250 words)Research Paper
Obesity in Kuwait
As judged from the research carried out on time trends in both the prevalence of obesity and BMI, women have been getting heavier over the past several years (Al‐Kandari). 2-. Data on the prevalence of obesity and BMI is found to be scarce in most of the
3 pages (750 words)Research Paper
Obesity in Kuwait
This is true in the case of Kuwaitis also. High income helps Kuwaitis to spend any amount of money for tasty foods. In other words, income has definitely a direct
2 pages (500 words)Research Paper
Carbon dioxide emission in Kuwait
The gas is also used and emitted by plants. The gas is used for photosynthesis although light is essential. The gas is produced by the decay of organic material, combustion of organic material and combustion of carbonic
11 pages (2750 words)Research Paper
Social Welfare for Children in Kuwait

This paper “Social Welfare for Children in Kuwait” looks at nature, scope, and quality of social welfare services for children in Kuwait. In Kuwait, the government pays special attention to children and is determined to offer them appropriate care and social welfare.

7 pages (1750 words)Research Paper
survive when they lived in these countries where Arabic was not understood. Arabic and English have some common characteristics like sounds. Many English words were adopted in languages spoken in Kuwait. Words in Arabic were replaced by English words and they also enriched the Arabic vocabulary. This is mainly because the British spent a long time in Kuwait. Formal, informal, and technical fields borrowed words from the English language. The following are some examples of words, which have been borrowed: Bensil- pencil, Masij- message, Bye-bye, and Kansil-cancel. It is impossible to say how many words have been adopted by the people of Kuwait to improve their vocabulary because the list is long. Kuwait and Oil Production Kuwait has established a number of relationships with other countries in the world. They include Europe, France, America and Britain. With gallons of oil, (8% of the world’s oil), and natural gas which it supplies to these countries Kuwait sustains its population comfortably. Many people from around the globe have come to be employed in Kuwait since oil has adversely helped in its economic growth. Its oil and petroleum export around the world makes about 98% of its GDP. It has attracted a number of investments both locally and internationally. Many social welfare organizations, public works, and development projects have been sponsored by the government of Kuwait. In industrial matters, Kuwait and the US have teamed up to introduce a trade framework for economic reforms. This is


Name: Date: Course Code: Introduction Kuwait was established by the Anaiza tribe who moved from the Persian Gulf in Saudi Arabia. The process of establishment took place in the 18th century. Anaiza tribe took advantage of being close to the large waters and carried out their trading activities…
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