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Should Teen Pregnancy be supported by Programs Such as Free On-site Day Care, Special Schooling, Free or Reduced Housing - Essay Example

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This paper supports that teenage pregnancy should be supported by public programs like special schooling, free on-site day care, and free or reduced housing. Most pregnant girls and their families consider the teenage pregnancies as crisis. Its consequences include denial, guilt and anger. …
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Should Teen Pregnancy be supported by Programs Such as Free On-site Day Care, Special Schooling, Free or Reduced Housing
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Extract of sample "Should Teen Pregnancy be supported by Programs Such as Free On-site Day Care, Special Schooling, Free or Reduced Housing"

Download file to see previous pages this essay stresses that lack of proper educational achievements increases the chances that these parents and their will live their future lives in poverty. The issue of teen pregnancy and its support and prevention are still issues of concern, in the contemporary societies. Birth rates and teen pregnancy have significantly declines, in the United States of America, since early 1990s. This is attributed to the better use of contraceptives and reduced sexual activities among the youths. Researchers established that 4 out of 10 girls become pregnant at least once before the age of 20, in America. Teenage mothers are at risk of developing long-term problems in several areas of life such as poverty, school failure, and physical and mental problems. In order to help and encourage teenage mothers seek better future lives, they need support from their families, local authorities, mentors and counselors.
This paper declares that parents and tutors can help prevent and reduce the rate of teenage pregnancy via open communication and education about contraception, sexuality, and responsibilities and risks of pregnancies and intimate relationships. Some teenage mothers drop out of school and fail to return. Clinics offering birth control programs and information and academic programs on family life and sexual education can also help in preventing and reducing cases of unwanted pregnancies among the teenagers. (Furstenberg, 2003). Pregnant teenagers and their families require sensitive and honest counseling about the alternatives available, from abortion to adoption, whenever teenage pregnancy occurs. Special support programs and consultation with adolescent psychiatrist should be provided throughout the teenage pregnancy and birth (Weatherley & Perlman, 2003). Strong decision on whether or not to terminate the pregnancy or give the infant for adoption should also be provided. Researchers have established that pregnant teenagers face difficult times in their lives. This, therefore, calls for programs to support teenage mothers to delay subsequent pregnancies, become self-sufficient, and promote awareness of early childhood development responsibly to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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