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The paper “Teen Pregnancy among the Hispanics in US” will discuss the article titled “Teen Pregnancy and the Achievement Gap among Urban Minority Youth,” written by Charles E. Basch. He deals with the problem of teen pregnancy…
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Teen Pregnancy among the Hispanics in US
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Download file to see previous pages The findings of these studies also validate the author’s claim that the most widespread health related problem for the US is “teenage pregnancy”, a major point of which is Hispanics (Curley, 2012, p. 230). The author further contends that teenagers who become pregnant are unlikely to complete their high school or college education and, on most occasions, they drop out, and this problem is clearly stated and supported by evidence from other studies. Basch further delineates the repercussions of the problem in terms of failure to attain academic accomplishments and considerable aggravation of economic stability. He also identifies clinical problems related to teen pregnancy, which are evident from the fact that “children who are born to teen mothers also experience a wide range of problems” (“Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion”, 2011, para.4) like chronic health conditions and behavioral problems. The author specifically narrows down his claims that economic and social costs of teen pregnancy are often high among Hispanic groups, and these costs may be both immediate and recurring for teen parents and their children. This claim is further substantiated through another study, which purports that the rising problem of teen pregnancy contributes significantly to “drop-out rates among high school girls” (“Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion”, 2011, para.5). Teen pregnancy and childbirth cost for the US taxpayers was estimated to be “$9 billion per year” (“Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion”, 2011, para.8) due to enlarged health and foster care cost, enlarged internment rates among the teen parent’s children, and missing tax returns from the teen mothers who receive less money as they have less education. The author also establishes the significance of the study by stating that non-marital teen births in the US affect the educational, economic, social and health aspects of such teenagers and their children. Purpose and Research Questions The author has clearly stated the objective of the study and also delineated the pervasiveness of teen pregnancy among school-aged Hispanic youth, underlying pathways through which the pre-marital teen births negatively affect educational achievement. Though the author does not put the questions explicitly in the study, it serves the purpose as the questions are related to the problem. The qualitative methods of analysis are suitable to answer the research questions as the author has reviewed the articles of several prominent authors. Literature Review The author has conducted an exhaustive and accurate analysis of this problem prevalent among the Hispanics in the US. He claims that teen pregnancy and birth rates of this race are considered to higher than in any other community and it “exerts an important influence on [their] educational attainment” (Basch, 2011, p.614). As a result of this, they drop out from schools, and this adversely affects their education and knowledge attainment and pushes them to the lower strata. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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