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Diabetes in Hispanic Women during Pregnacy - Research Paper Example

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Running Head: health sciences and medicines Diabetes in Hispanic Women during Pregnancy [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institution] [Name of the Professor] [Course] Introduction The assignment aims at discussing the prevalence of diabetes in Hispanic Women during pregnancy IN THE LOS ANGELES AREA…
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Diabetes in Hispanic Women during Pregnacy
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Download file to see previous pages Problem Definition The diagnosis of gestational diabetes mellitus aims at identifying young women without traced diabetes having circulating glucose concentrations especially during pregnancy. These Hispanic women have the possibility of developing diabetes and are at a risk level of 20-60%. Thus, the research offers an opportunity to study the reason behind the chances of diabetes amongst diabetes women during pregnancy by assessing physiological, psychological educational, economic and living standard factors in a critical manner. There is no denying that diabetes has been considered as one of the most common diseases affecting the overall health. The identified problem will help in understanding the overall prevalence of diabetes in Hispanic Women in Los Angeles. Description of Agent Glucose level plays an important role in the development of diabetes. Cross sectional studies conducted on the level of glucose concentrations conducted during and after pregnancy revealed that women with gestational diabetes mellitus have more insulin resistance and less pancreatic ?-cell resistance compared to women who maintain normal level of glucose resistance during and after pregnancy. ...
In this study conducted by Xiang, et al (2010) on the prevalence of diabetes in Hispanic women has been chosen that has been published in American Diabetes Association (American Diabetes Association (2004), it was found that glucose level rises slowly till the compensation reaches low level. At that time, glucose may reach to the higher level and into the diabetic range that can cause diabetes during and after pregnancy. The baseline testing (blood test fasting, random, and HA1c) helps in identifying the deterioration level along with examining the impact and influence of such factors that enhance the overall glucose level. The study showed that in Hispanic Women ?-cell compensation for insulin resistance falls at a great speed after five years of pregnancy. Moreover, women with gestational diabetes mellitus have more insulin resistance and less ?-cell resistance that complicates the entire issue along with increasing the chances of diabetes in the short as well as in the long run. It can be said that the condition being analyzed in the study is not very much critical but searches for scientific and clinical trials in order to assess and identify the overall development of diabetes during and after pregnancy amongst Hispanic women. Description of Host Characteristics Host characteristics plan an important role in understanding few demographic factors like age, sex, location and ethnicity. Moreover, while conducting a study on a particular group revolving around prevalence of diabetes during pregnancy, it is important to identify these characteristics. These characteristics are as follow: Age- the age of participants has not been disclosed but women with gestational period of 28 and 34 weeks were allowed to be part of the study. In case of not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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