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Folk Festivals-Oktoberfest - Research Proposal Example

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Research Proposal on Understanding the Oktoberfest Outline I. Introduction II. Review of Related Literatures III. Methodology IV. Research Goals and Timeline I. Introduction a) Statement of the Problem Basically, the key question that frames this study is why the celebration of Oktoberfest has held its significance and prominence not only in Germany but extends all over the world…
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Folk Festivals-Oktoberfest
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Download file to see previous pages Specifically, it aims at answering four points. First, it aims to root historically Oktoberfest as a festival. Second, it aims to grasp an understanding of the festival’s customs and practices. Third, it aims to know its relevance in a social and cultural context. Fourth, it aims to compare and contrast both celebrations of Oktoberfest in Germany and United States. c) Significance of the Study Munich, Germany is the birthplace of Oktoberfest yet Grand Junction Colorado is similarly celebrating the said festival. It is in this regard why this research is of significance. The necessity to conduct this study is backed up by the point that celebration of beer has indeed shown relevance not only in the society where it has originated but also extends to other parts of the world. Through studying this particular topic, the festival of Oktoberfest can be understood and contributed as a supplementary body of knowledge in sociological field. It is the case that many people all over the world are celebrating this particular event yet the reason why this is celebrated for most of them is a taken for granted reality. This is what this paper wants to reveal: what is the importance of Oktoberfest in the society that up to this date, the fest continues and even branches out to other versions. II. Review of Related Literatures The world’s biggest beer festival, Oktoberfest, is an annual16 day - long celebration of beer in Munich, Germany (Zanzig 3 and 6). Indeed, this particular beer festival has held its prominence not only in Germany but is attracting millions of people from all over the world to join Oktoberfest. Every year, an estimated of 1.5 million gallons of beer is consumed during this 16 day long extravaganza (Vistawide). With the celebration of this particular event, the beer – loving culture is reinforced. On the one hand, this particular celebration has extended to other parts of the world including the United States of America, where Oktoberfest is held at Grand Junction Colorado. Oktoberfest is indeed one folk festival which has held its prominence around the world. For Brunvand, folk festival consists of behavioral patterns to indicate non – verbalized folk believes, meaning, codes, and the like (406). Folklore has its many own cultural elements in which through practicing such custom, the cultural element is validated. According to George and Jones, culture is just one among the aspects of folklore for artifact, behavior (ritual) and transmissible entity (oral tradition) are also its other components (313). III. Methodology In order for the objectives of research be met, this research study will employ qualitative research methods: In-depth interviews will allow respondents to openly share needs and insights on the topic, global warming. The use of qualitative measures will provide the researcher some very profound and informational responses which may not be obtained with the use of quantitative means. The preference for this method is also because of the taking into consideration the target respondents of this research investigation. Purposive sampling shall be used. The key informants shall be as follows: James Witt , The head of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Folk Festivals-Oktoberfest Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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