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Critical Consciousness and the Development of Reflexivity - Essay Example

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Critical Consciousness and Development of Reflexivity Name: Institution: Critical Consciousness and Development of Reflexivity Question 1 People can energize their lives through making efforts to practice their inner values. The moment people identify values, which are meaningful to them, they develop ways of implementing them (Newberry, 2007)…
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Critical Consciousness and the Development of Reflexivity
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Download file to see previous pages Practicing proper values and beliefs brings about cases of life response whereby good fortune suddenly appears to humans (Newberry, 2007). Personally, my own values and beliefs have helped me in relating with others well. I can pride myself for hard work, diversity, equality, charity, self reliance, satisfying others, reliability, integrity, love, accountability, reliability, results-oriented, quality of work, trust, wisdom and well-being. All this are beliefs that have assisted me in relating to others in the society. I can easily understand tough issues, which individuals are enduring, with regards to my beliefs and values (Payson, 2007). Take for instance a value like quality of work. People, in today’s society, are expected to give the best results in their dealings. People overwork themselves just to please others, and this is a challenge to many. It is difficult living to the expectations of others, but that is life. For instance, Christian values dictate that Christians should live to the expectations of their God (Newberry, 2007). I, therefore, try to improve my work quality so as to avoid any wrangles with others and live happily. To me, quality of work is just doing the right thing as I would not like to have any wrangles with others. ...
Question 2 Beliefs and values help people to look at the world around them differently. They help people in looking at others positively. Beliefs and value assist people build attraction to other things. When I am around individuals that make me feel annoyed, troubled, nervous, edgy, and suspicious or in any way uncomfortable, my values cannot allow me to associate anymore with this people. Normally what I see in these individuals is their hidden belief about how they do not care to relate to others. If a person hides his or her insecurities and fears towards another person, then the other person, willingly, will continue to take advantage of the insecure person. This will, therefore, be an uncomfortable relationship. Likewise, when people are around persons who encourage one another to feel appreciated and loved, part of what they are feeling is a reflection of their own values and beliefs. This means that the persons believe that everybody deserves to be appreciated and loved. Psychologists believe that this type of attraction works both ways. Individuals will be attracted to other persons only when the other person reflects beliefs about themselves which correspond to the first person. Nevertheless, if something about a person reminds another of their own insecurities and fears, then that person with fear will tend to keep away from the person that he or she fears. This helped me a lot in building my relationship with others. My beliefs and values taught me that, in order to build strong relationships, factors like honesty and trust are essential. Through trust and honesty, I gain insight on people’s perspectives, and how they want to be treated. People want the best out of everything. I also relate well to people who trust and are honest ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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