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Relationships in Modern World - Essay Example

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Relationships in Modern World Scholars have been developing theories and schools of thoughts to try to explain certain aspects that have occurred and may occur in society. One of the common theories that have been used in understanding the modern world by many scholars is the conflict theory developed by Karl Marx…
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Relationships in Modern World
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Relationships in Modern World

Download file to see previous pages... Marx views conflict to arise from different cultural ideas that are modeled by economic systems; whereby majority of conflict arises in capitalistic states. Marx also views conflict to arise from two social classes comprising of the haves and the have not. The haves are said to control the resources and own all the factors of production. The rest who are majority do not own means of production and are dependent on the haves by providing labor to earn a means of living. Marx predicts the end of conflict with the end of capitalization whereby everyone in the society shall be equal to the other (Coser pp.197- 198). The other theorist who tried to explain how individuals behave and do what they do in the society is Goffman in his theory, the presentation of self. Goffman states life is a series of performances in which all individuals act their role as they see fit. He states that in every situation, a person presents himself or herself as they view it in their own perspective and it may differ. Goffman states that a persons’ presentation of self comes from a series of signs and impressions we make or want to make to others. Goffman further states that the self presents to the outside world through sign language, that includes all the verbal exchanges a person has and the non-verbal expressions that come from the body. There are also the expressions we give to the others, which imply those intentional poses, facial expressions and body language of the individual to the next. The other aspect is the expression we give off, which arise from our body language but controlled by our inner self. For instance, ones attitude or emotion to a particular individual or situation, even if it verbally the individual may state differently, the body language might indicate otherwise (Bortree pp.26-30). With advent changes in technology, personal relationships between individuals have not been addressed by both theories on how technology affects them. Each of the theories the conflict and the presentation of self has addressed that in my interaction with others there may arise conflict which may be presented difference in class, party or and stage. The conflict theory states in personal relationships, different classes, or situations in my personal relationships are bound to cause conflict. In personal relationships the spouse may differ in terms of ethnicity, social status, class or political affiliation and according to Marx and Weber, this is bound to cause conflict. An even difference in geographical location of the spouse or differed economic status of the spouse is bound to cause tension and in the long run causes conflict. Presentation of self has only assessed how it affects the personal relationship, but has not taken into account the mode of understanding and the way I handle situation and differences in my personal relationship. Both the conflict and presentation of self, theories, fail to take into account changes in information communication technology would influence positively to personal relationships, and reduce the change of negative impressions or conflict arising. For instance whereas it is believed that in conflict theory, differences in class and party affiliation as well as status would make any personal relationship fail, information commu ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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