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For the purpose of this study, relevant data will be derived from academic journal articles, reliable magazine articles, books, internet discussion forums, and online videos. The age of these sources will concentrate between 2011 and 2014 because this is the period when social…
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How does social media impacts on peoples relationship and daily life
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Content Analysis Assignment Topic/ Question: How does social media impact people’s relationships and daily life? For the purpose of this study, relevant data will be derived from academic journal articles, reliable magazine articles, books, internet discussion forums, and online videos. The age of these sources will concentrate between 2011 and 2014 because this is the period when social media usage has exploded both for recreational and for business activities. How people use social media will be the key point of analysis when analyzing these resources.
A wide research will be undertaken to acquire many documents that fit in the research criteria of social media. Videos will also be collected in addition to books that concentrate on the issue of social media. These resources will be narrowed down to ensure that only the most relevant documents and those that are rich in social media information will be analyzed. To improve the relevance of the outcome, the research will insist on usage of the most recent sources of information. Additionally, since discussion blogs do not have a good reputation with regard to provision of reliable information, the research will also determine and make use of the most relevant ones. This will ensure availability of adequate information on the topic.
Proposed research questions for this study
1) Who are the most users of social media?
2) Why has social media become so relevant in the modern world?
3) What are the positive impacts that social media has brought?
4) What are the negative impacts?
5) Do the negative influences outweigh the positive ones?
6) How do the influences relate to daily life?
7) How are relationships affected?
8) What does research recommend in case of negative influence?
The study will also incorporate the creation of a coding sheet that will comprise several sections as they relate to the available sources of information. Some of the sections will include the main themes as presented by the online videos while others will comprise the relevance of the resource as it relates to the research questions. The content present in these sources will also be recorded in the coding sheet. Coders will be attempting to categorize the available sources so that it would be easier and more reliable to get the most relevant information to answer the research questions. The coders will work as a team to determine relevance of the sources.
Through this study, my main expectation is to determine the authenticity of the claim that social media ruins relationships and that it alienates individuals. I want to analyze the main source of this, if it is accurate, since social media was established to improve communication. I also expect to assess the positives of social media since there has to be some useful aspects that social media has brought to the modern world. In addition, I expect the study to shed some light on the portions of the population that are affected by the negative impacts of social media. Lastly, I expect to determine whether social media triggers relationship issues or people ruin their own relationships and blame it on social media. Read More
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How Does Social Media Impacts on people'S Relationship and Daily Life Essay.
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