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Analysis of a Television Program with Social Themes - Essay Example

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The current paper aims to present an analysis of a television program in terms of addressing the need to provide a background of the television program. The television program that was chosen for this paper is Little House on the Prairie…
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Analysis of a Television Program with Social Themes
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Download file to see previous pages The television program to be evaluated and used for the current paper is entitled “Little House on the Prairie” which stories revolve on the Ingalls family and the setting is the late 1800s family’s house which is situated at the farm in Walnut Grove, Minnesota (CBS Interactive Inc., 2012). The television series was aired in 1974 as a western drama, but its popularity was due to its ability to make the shows interesting with intermittent comedy, heart-warming family scenes that present diverse scenarios of social themes ranging from struggling through economic and financial difficulties, family values and traditions, friendship and faith. A social theme that was presented in one of the episodes focused on social interaction, as well as family unity and close bonds.The social themes focused on the family as a close-unit of social structure composed of the father, mother and their children. In the program, the father is Charles Ingalls, played by Michael Landon; while the mother is Caroline Ingalls, played by Karen Grassle. The children are Mary, Laura, Carrie, Freddie, and Grace. There are three adopted children in subsequent episodes to total seven children in all. Due to the large family composed of many members, the social themes of poverty, struggle, and financial difficulties abound. In the episode entitled “A Harvest of Friends”, the father, Charles Ingalls had to work overtime and contract diverse duties with the objective of purchasing the deed to the farm. where the family recently moved into. Despite being tired and exhausted from being the sole breadwinner, Charles managed to spend time with his family like joining the rest of the family members at the picnic. In a scene where a kite was caught in a tree, Charles went up the tree to get it. However, due to exhaustion and loss of strength, Charles apparently slipped and fell breaking his ribs. Due to the injury, Charles was unable to work and tend the field and therefore the collateral for the deed, the oxen, was forfeited and would not be returned until payment was made within a stipulated time frame. It is at this situation when the family bonded together, and unexpectedly, members of the local community who knew the family and what happened to Charles, assisted in finding ways and means to get back the oxen and pay for the farm’s deed. The theories of social interaction were shown in play as members, not only of the family, united to achieve a common goal, for the benefit of the family. The values of love, support, camaraderie, unity, and faith amidst adversity prevailed. Non-Verbal Communication Patterns and Explanation of Meanings Since the setting of the program was in the late 1880s, the predominance in non-verbal cues was exemplified in the modes of dress which had to cater to the requirements of the time period. As such, the ladies were seen to use bonnets or costume hats of the defined period, colonial dresses with small flowery patterns and the neckline almost at the base ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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