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Race, Ethnicity and Racialization - Essay Example

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Race, Ethnicity and Racialization Name Institution Introduction Evidence collected by geologists over the years affirms their claim about the world existing as a single land mass before tectonic and other forces of nature resulted in its splitting into smaller continents (Webster 1993, p…
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Race, Ethnicity and Racialization
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Download file to see previous pages 99). Anthropologists’ research into the migration patterns of the early man provides insightful information about the impact of modernization on migration of people into new territories. Early man migrated because of climatic changes that caused food shortages, affected the fertility of their productive lands used in agricultural ventures (Webster 1993, p. 100). The reasons continue to change with the modernization of society. Migration in contemporary societies remains a sensitive concept. This is because other aspects, for example, race and ethnicity come into play with the movement of people. For example, an analysis of immigration in the United States indicates that the constitution acknowledged the rights of Asian immigrants in their constitution, in the 1800s, despite their existence within the country (Webster 1993, p. 105). Legislation imposed and enforced laws, which bred racism and ethnic discrimination amongst the inhabitants of the different states; for example, only White aliens qualified for naturalization before the abolishment of these laws in the 1960s. This essay defines the terms, race, ethnicity, and racialization. In addition, it further discusses the impact of the three on the migration of people in different countries (Webster 1993, p. 107). ...
As a result, racial stereotypes justified the committing of the greatest human atrocities recorded in history (Grosfoguel 2011, p. 162). The rush for oversea colonies, was period marred by racial discrimination of the natives of colonized countries; for example, the institution of the slave trade in the African continent. Despite the abolishment of slavery, the negative effects continue to be felt to this date in contemporary societies, for example, racial stereotypes remain attached to descendants of races sold into slavery (Grosfoguel 2011, p. 163). Sociologists concur that racism can either be subtly or overtly displayed (Grosfoguel 2011, p. 163). An analysis of the psychology of racism indicates that individuals might unconsciously possess racial attitudes despite claiming not to possess racial stereotypes towards a certain race. This is because many people deny the existence of these negative attitudes (Grosfoguel 2011, p. 164). In addition, they might be unaware that their socialization into their societal norms or expectations might constitute to racial bias towards a group of people. Individuals’ psychological need to conform to the societal expectations predisposes them to engaging in racial acts. Racism exists in different levels; individually, institutionally, and systematically or societally. The different forms impact migration negatively. Firstly, racism does not promote social cohesion between people of different races (Grosfoguel 2011, p. 165). As a result, native inhabitants result in hate crimes directed to migrants of different races causing a breakdown in the social function of society. Functionalists like Emile ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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