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Virtual Racism in the Modern Era: Case of United States - Term Paper Example

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An author of the paper "Virtual Racism in the Modern Era: Case of United States" attempts to evaluate the current state of the issue of racial discrimination in America. The writer will discuss the concept of Jim Crow and related laws that aim towards the regulation of racial injustice…
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Virtual Racism in the Modern Era: Case of United States
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Extract of sample "Virtual Racism in the Modern Era: Case of United States"

Download file to see previous pages Discrimination in the modern world has taken a new form that has been hidden in the flawed American prison system, mass imprisonment of Blacks, the questionable judicial system (Cole 5). The analogy between the original and the New Jim Crow is a success if the criminal justice system, a ratio of inmates in relation to ethnicity, the race linked to the war on drugs and violation of civil liberties are considered.
Mass imprisonment of African Americans as compared to the whites in the US has represented the prevalence of new Jim Crow that aims to segregate people in the society based on race. This method is perceived as the new Jim Crow since Blacks are sent to prison on the basis of fighting crime. Even though the US is amongst the powerful nations globally and prides itself with the democratic form of leadership, the number of prisoners in this country is at an alarming rate. All people are susceptible to committing an offense regardless of skin color or ethnic group. But this is proved wrong by the vast number of African Americans sentenced to prison in comparison to the Whites. Alexander (184) discovers that in Illinois, approximately 90% of convicts are African Americans. These statistics clearly indicate the degree of racism in the new age has taken a different course that needs critical analysis to understand its prevalence in the US. Mass imprisonment of African Americans has put democracy of this state on trial as it is false to assert that Blacks are more vulnerable to commit a crime than Whites.
Manipulation of constitutional rights by people who do not want to embrace democracy has led to the emergence of new Jim Crow in US since the right of some people are violated through biased actions. All citizens in the US have equal rights according to the constitution, and no person regardless of race must be discriminated in any manner. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Virtual Racism in the Modern Era: Case of United States Term Paper.
(Virtual Racism in the Modern Era: Case of United States Term Paper)
Virtual Racism in the Modern Era: Case of United States Term Paper.
“Virtual Racism in the Modern Era: Case of United States Term Paper”.
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