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Fault Lines on an Assymetric Scale - Essay Example

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Fault Lines on an Asymmetric Scale Name: Institution: Fault Lines on an Asymmetric Scale The theory of The Clash of Civilizations was put forward by political scientist, Samuel Huntington. 1This theory argues that the religious and cultural identities of people will be the main cause of disagreement after the cold war in the world (Huntington 1993, 23)…
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Fault Lines on an Assymetric Scale
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Download file to see previous pages Huntington’s thesis was later developed in another book published in 1996. 2This paper will be an argumentative essay that challenges the author’s claims on why civilizations will clash (Turabian 2007, 14). Samuel Huntington’s work will function as an integral resource for the concern on why civilizations will clash. His work, The Clash of Civilizations, looks at present-day and anticipated conflicts. This suggests that the theory of The Clash of Civilizations will develop a path that will direct all other conflicts. Samuel Huntington suggests that previous conflict and warfare from the monarchies works to the effect of differences in ideologies, to the nation’s internal matters. According to him, the cause of conflict after the cold war will not be economic or ideological. In his view, cultural differences between human beings and their enormous differences will be the main reason for conflict between people. 3He furthers his argument by suggesting that the primary conflict between different world political views will be between groups of different civilizations and countries (Huntington 1993, 25). This will be, in spite, of the countries being the world concern’s most influential players. Many of Huntington’s arguments on, why civilizations will clash heavily rely on an idea that is vague. ...
4He argues that the differences between civilizations do not lead to conflict, and conflict does not generate violence (Huntington 1993, 26). Nonetheless, the differences between a couple of civilizations have caused conflicts which in turn have caused violence. To advance Huntington’s argument, it is true that there are common things that have been established by different civilizations to maintain these societies. These common things are not likely to change at once. Members of the different civilizations, large or small, identify with these common things. In addition, these commonalities help people in a civilization to redefine their identities and values. Huntington argues the increasing association between people of different civilizations is making the world small. This is, in addition, to developing hostility between immigrants and the natives. This depends on different situations (Huntington 1993, 27). The powerful nations see their people’s immigration to those countries as positive. This is, in contrast, to how they perceive the immigration of people from less developed countries into their countries to people from more developed countries. Paul Berman criticizes Huntington’s work by arguing that there is no distinct cultural frontier between different world civilizations in the present time. Berman’s argument is that there is no Western civilization or Islamic civilization. This is because there are many people from the Islamic world who come to live, study, or work in the Western nations. 5Therefore, Berman argues that conflicts between different civilizations occur due to shared or non-shared philosophical beliefs (Berman 1996, 82). This is regardless of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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