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Cultural Similarities - Essay Example

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I conducted an interview to find out the similarities that exist amid different cultures, and the findings showed that Hispanics and Americans of European origin share similarities in their cultures. …
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Cultural Similarities
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Download file to see previous pages The Spaniard I interviewed exuded traits that were similar to mine, yet I am an American of European descent. The findings indicate that human beings share many things in common despite the difference in cultures. The conversation proved that most of the European American and the Spaniards share the same religion. Subsequently, commonalities exist in the eating habits and the morals of the two cultures. Moreover, the family structures of the two cultures are similar. The interviewer established that people from varied cultures could communicate when they use similar communication techniques. Cultural Similarities Introduction This paper discusses the similarities between the Hispanic culture and my culture, which is the European culture. I have identified the similarities after interviewing a person from the Hispanic culture. The cultures of the Hispanics and the Europeans from North America are different, but there are some similar elements in the practices. I selected the Hispanic culture because there have been conflicts between the Hispanic culture and the American culture in many sectors. The cultural conflicts are mostly experienced in the wellbeing and education sectors. Hence, I wanted to understand how these conflicts arise. I have also identified the positive characters that my interviewee displayed during the interview in the paper. 1. “What are the similarities between you and the person of that different cultural group?” Based on the interview, I discovered that the major similarity between the European and the Hispanic cultures is religion. Most individuals from the two cultures are Christians and they believe in Jesus Christ. There are also many similar elements of their religious practices. For instance, individuals from the two cultures believe in eternal life and they believe that the main problem that humans experience is evil. However, the difference is that the Hispanics are mostly Catholics while many Europeans are Protestants (Healey, 2008). 2. “What is it about that person that makes feel at ease?” Additionally, both cultures value the family relationships. However, the Hispanic families are extended while the European ones are nuclear families. Both cultures value good manners and hard work (Healey, 2008). Hence, they take their children to schools and urge them to work hard. Moreover, both cultures raise their young ones and teach them to be independent. However, the Europeans teach their young ones to be self-sufficient at a tender age compared to the Hispanics. Another similarity that I identified during the interview is the gender roles in the decent European and the Hispanic families. In both cultures, men are the breadwinners while most women take care of their homes (Healey, 2008). In Addition, both cultures have similarities in their nutrition habits. For instance, both cultures use spices in their foods, but the only thing that differs is the types of spices (Francis, 2005). Furthermore, they both ensure that they eat balanced diets to maintain good health. The cultures maintain three major meals in a day. According to both cultures, breakfast should be the heaviest meal compared to all other meals (Healey, 2008). During the meals, all members have to seat at the dining table to share the meals, and the table manners are the same in all the cultures (Healey, 2008). Why I felt at ease At first, when I was interviewing the person from the Hispanic culture, I was not at ease. This is because I was not sure about his reaction towards the questions I would pose. I was fearful because I thought some of the questions would offend him. However, after asking the first question I felt at ease because the person had a good personality. He was very gracious and he was smiling throughout the interview. Additionally, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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