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This paper mainly aims at a critical exploration of my cultural heritage and personal experience. Specifically, it aims at answering four points. First, it aims to identify the country or countries from which they emanate with a brief summary of how ancestors came to live in various areas of the USA…
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My Cultural Heritage and Personal Introspection
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Download file to see previous pages Culture embraces the following components such as ideas, habits, values, goods, inherited artifacts and technical processes (Malinowski, 1944).  Second, it intends to briefly discuss values, morals, religious or spiritual beliefs or other items that important to the student’s nuclear and extended family. Third, it plans to succinctly explain how the family has handled interactions with racial/ethnic groups that are different from their racial/ethnic background and briefly explain how members of the family who belong to other minority groups (e.g., women, sexual minorities, people of multiracial descent, persons with disabilities, older adults) have been treated or what they have experienced. Fourth, it targets to reflect upon and then briefly recount what has been learned about the family system and explore what biases the student may maintain toward those who are different from him/her.  My Cultural Heritage and Personal Experience To know my very own cultural heritage, I have known that initially, I have to know where my ancestors have originated before they happen to live here in US. In this case, I have interviewed both my father and mother. Well, it is not really much of a one – on – one interview with a structured questionnaire but what happened is a diad or simultaneous interview with both of them with a discussion guide which basically contains unstructured questions rooting our cultural heritage. According to them, we can trace our ancestral roots in Ireland, though this is not really new to me since I knew this fact since I was a kid. Nonetheless, despite this case, I was born and raised in America, in fact, I am an American. However, when I am home, I can feel the Irish vibes. In further interviewing them, our family believes and values Roman Catholic as our religion in which according to my parents, our morals and values are shaped by our religion. According to Taylor (1995) and Communicaid Group, Ltd. (2011), about nine in 10 people in Ireland are Catholics. As Catholics, we respect marriage even though nowadays, marriage is not really seen as the way it was seen before due to the existence of non-conventional types of families. However, our family as influenced by our Irish culture is conservative when it comes to issues like abortion and homosexuality. Apart from this, my family highly considers the importance of education in our lives. For them, as they always instil on me as well as my two sisters, education is the key for us to be achieve our goals and be successful. On the one hand, work is something really valued in our family. Likewise, humor is something our family consider to be important in every aspect of our lives which can be observed usually in the way we talk. This is because humor is an important element in the Irish culture (Clancy, et al., 1995; Communicaid Group, Ltd, 2011; Culture Crossing). In addition to that, humor is a measure of attachment or even a sort of self-depreciation (Culture Crossing).   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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