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Name Tutor Course Date Sociology, media and sports In the recent past, there has been an increasing awareness in sporting activities. Majorly this has been attributed to the broadcasts and publicity made through media houses. Televisions have been more pronounced in airing news, live streams and broadcasts for games such as football, wrestling, boxing, tennis and basketball…
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Sociology, Media and Sports
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Download file to see previous pages I managed to interview two men about the place of athletics in the modern society where persistent discrimination in terms of sporting has created a big drift inhuman sexuality. For such a long time sports have been stereotyped as a man’s activity (Touny 10). Women who happen to make a name in the athletics world are often discriminated against since they are deemed to have male genes. One of the two men that I interviewed was optimistic that athletics will soon take a new phase. He only prided in watching athletes over the television and had no practical skills of how sporting activities were undertaken yet he could not stop amusing me by the way he expressed his optimism for more women participation in sports. He quoted practical examples such as Serena and Venus Williams who have held tennis championships for many years. According to him, although men have dominated the world of sports and athletic activities, women are slowly gaining the much admired energy for athletics. He specifies that some few years to come there will evolve a new breed of women who will be more sports oriented than the ‘beauty props’ we have today in the name of women. From this sentence I could feel and judge his attitude towards a modern woman. So stereotyped and oppressed and discriminated against in the field of sports. ...
Her mother had quoted to him sports such as rugby stating how the players were aggressive which made the game more of a boxing match than a fair competition. She could say “masculine sports are hard on players’ bodies. Injuries, long-term disability, and even death are part of sports”. This was enough warning of what I was to expect if I ever ventured in playing games such as football, basketball and wrestling. “Personally, I believe I would have made the best wrestler the world has ever seen but the environment in which I grew up hardly favored me. I could never get the perfect opportunity to nurture the talent” he lamented. In my second encounter I met this guy who had a lot of energy and you could notice that he was an athlete. I quickly moved towards him and asked he could spare sometime to talk about his sport. From my first interaction with him, I could smell arrogance from a close range. The man was so arrogant and he seemed to be so much in a hurry to some place I could not figure. When I managed to secure some few minutes to talk to him, he asked whether I have ever seen him on the television or ever heard about him through other media sources such as the internet or athletic journals. It is then that I realized that the man was a basket baller in our neighboring college. He bragged of how he had secured the much coveted awards of being the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the season. Judging from his tone and arrogance, I quickly associated him with an achieving athlete. His meticulous performance had made him so full of himself that he attributed all of his team’s victory to his own personal efforts. Before we had concluded our conversation he reminded me about his tight schedule and I had no option but to let him go. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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