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Parkinsons Desease - Research Paper Example

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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Introduction The societal setting offers variable measures to limit the adaptation aspects within the community. Diseases have been the constraints that have led to the establishment of setbacks that limit effective production…
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Parkinsons Desease
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Download file to see previous pages The prevalence of chronic diseases has been the leading setback of the vulnerable societal members with impaired psychological and physical functions. Of the most gruesome challenges has been the Parkinson’s disease that has proven to be a leading setback to the members of the society. The disease has been noted as the second most neurodegenerative ailment that affects the societal members. The repercussions of the condition have advanced the prospects in limiting effective sustenance of the physical condition and the desire to complete activities. The condition has limited the prevalence of the healthy condition within the society as the health organization and practitioners seek to adjust the society to accommodate the changes realized in the condition. Although a challenging medical condition among the members of the society, the analysis and statistics of Parkinson’s disease have assisted in curbing the dire effects. Disease Description Parkinson’s disease has been categorized as a leading cause of the loss in the control of the neurological functioning within the body. The leading characteristics of the disease have resulted in the loss of effective muscle performance and control within the affected individual. The primary effects of the condition have been in the effects generated in the central nervous system that impairs the manipulation within the muscles. The affected individual may have the symptoms in trembling of the hands and even their head while resting. There also occurs stiffness in the muscles that leads to the slowing of motor activities and the lack of physical balance. With the adverse condition, the patient may realize the difficulty in movement an even initiating effective speech because there will be minimal control of the muscles responsible for the movements. The adverse effects of the condition vary from variable patient as the condition bear varied symptoms. This is because a person may bear the disease while leading a healthy life and others may succumb to the symptoms to become disabled. Premature death of the patient may result from long-term injuries that may be the result of pneumonia. The brain holds dopamine that is responsible for transmitting messages between substantia nigra and the part called corpus striatum and result in the smooth movement and control of the limbs. Parkinson’s disease is advanced after the damage to the dopamine-producing cells located within the substantia nigra to lead to the lack of dopamine within the brain. With the lack of dopamine to relay messages between the two vital regions in the brain, there will be the generation of the condition referred to as Parkinson’s disease (Meagher et al, 2008). The level of dopamine determines the gravity of the condition with reduced levels leading to adverse symptoms in the condition. The disease may also adverse effects to be found in the damage of other vital sections within the brain to create the added effects in Parkinson’s disease. Although the reduction in the dopamine level in the brain lead to the reduced motor activities, the explanation of the reason in reduced, production in dopamine-producing cells is not established. However, the solution is considered in the genetic and variable environmental conditions that may cause harm to these cells. Parkinson’s Prevalence Statistics The U.S. has been recorded as the leading nation that upholds the spread of the condition ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Parkinsons Desease Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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