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Mills and Berger with The Truman Show - Assignment Example

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Mills 1 People in the United States tend to think of the operations in the society in personal terms because of their thinking that many issues and problems in the society can be addressed personally by the people own because the social setting was directly open only to their personal experience…
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Mills and Berger with The Truman Show
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Download file to see previous pages Mills 2 When we view things on a sociological perspective, we will find out that much of what we see are interlinked or interconnected to each other and this cannot just be solved by personal milieu. Being aware and knowledgeable of our society and its structure can help us become sensible of the fact that we do not exist for ourselves; we do have problems shared by other members of the society on which we cannot resolve by own. There can be no liabilities being sociologically aware because existence of a human being is greatly affected by the society and not only by himself. Mills 3 According to Mills, through sociological imagination, men now became aware of what is going on with world as well as what is happening to their selves in relation to the society they belong. Men now become self-conscious on which they now analyze and assess what is going on with the society and his existence and they try to make summaries and conclusion or what we call facts by through social analysis. Berger 1 People can be said to have the tendency to take their own way of life for granted. This is because there are some people in any given society who do care about anything else but themselves. They are those who play the game always on a safety zone and do not care whether their own actions have any effect on others. These people are those who have no curiosity at all and prefer to believe what they were taught. This is taking life for granted because they have no sense of responsibility but of themselves whether they are affected by others or can affect others. Berger 2 Berger presents that the world is not always what it seems. Social reality always has different layers of meaning and thus there is a need to find out these layers. It is only through sociology that we understand how and why changes happen in our world. Through people who love to “see through things” and “look behind them”, we are able to explain different things happening to us and make everything clearer. Berger 3 It can be said that sociological consciousness is involved in sociological debunking. It will take all the time and efforts in studying the social systems through the roots of methods and not based on psychology. According to Berger, the unmasking of the propagandas and pretentions of the society built and created by people will lead to either disturbance or resistance of people to the newly discovered social reality. Some may experience the culture shocks especially if they did not expect things to happen their way. However, despite this, they will be compelled to open their existence to the newly unmasked social reality. Truman 1 According to C. Wright Mills, a person can become sociologically aware of its relation to the structure of society he belongs when he begin to realize that his problems are also experienced if not shared by other members of the society. Truman began to see himself relative to his society when there was a shake in the status quo of Seahaven. He never questioned his existence until the society he lived in experienced changes which he did not expect to happen and which do not belong to the routine of his daily life. He began to realize that what he expected as normal was not normal after all. The people in his society did not experience the same guts and thoughts he had which made him see himself as different from them and that started to build his curiosity and strength to find himself and people which may share the same ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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