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Human Relations Leadership Standards - Essay Example

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Topic: Human Relations leadership standards The study of human relations tries to assess the social relationship between individuals at work place. Also, it helps the managers to attain the company goals that lead to profits (Hegar, 2011, p.1). The term human relations integrate almost all forms of human behavior like conflicts, co operative efforts, group relationships etc (Reece, 2011, p.3)…
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Human Relations Leadership Standards
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Download file to see previous pages The experiment conducted by Elton Mayo and Fritz Roethlisberger which was known as the Hawthorne experiment gave rise to the human relations movement. This study focused on the behavior of people in work places (Leonard, 2012, pp.10-11). The three important human relations skill that finds its importance for modern day HR professionals are communication, negotiation and team development (Noe, 2006, p.14). Human relation and leadership An HR processional needs to exhibit proper leadership qualities in order to run an organization and achieve its targets. Through the study of human relations, it has been found that leadership emphasizes on two dimensions - the transactional and relational dimensions. While transactional leadership focuses on rewarding or punishing for good and poor performance respectively, the relational aspects of leadership behaviors focus on employees and their requirements (Flood, Ramamoorthy, Mcdermott, Conway, 2008, p.6). The influence of leadership is seen in the military, politics, government, academia, and, most of the profit or nonprofit organization (Truckenbrodt, 2000, p.233). A leadership strategy becomes successful only when the subordinates show an acceptance and their preference towards it (Dwivedi, 2001, p.67). Leadership determines the path how firms shape, commit and commit to their business endeavors (Ulrich, 2001, p.68). The key component in leadership is to influence as it is only buy influencing the people that a leader can truly establish his identity (Dalton, Hoyle, Watts, 2010, p.234). Leadership strategy of Gandhi Gandhi was an effective leader as he had many traits and qualities of a good leader. His guiding principles and religion were truth, nonviolence and a life dedicated to serve the interests of the others (Nair, 2010, p.3). He stated that people would follow his values if they has reasons to do so (Bischoff , 2010, p.4). His form of leadership is based on the one single standard of conduct which is based on five principles of commitment to absolute values, journey, conscience, reducing attachments and minimizing secrecy (Nair, 2010, p.12). These teachings of Gandhi helped me to maintain my composure in my fight with my team member who repeatedly framed charges against me and was always on the pretext of troubling me. Bullying in workplace-my personal experience As a workplace is a gathering of different human behaviors there are high chances of conflicts and often bulling of one member by the other. This is seen more frequently in case of manager subordinate relation. It is also found in studies that very few organizations had policies for dealing with issues related to bullying (Daniel, 2009, p.207). Like many other fellows, I too have been a victim of bullying and harassment at my workplace. My colleague, who was in the same team as I, was an ex-military personnel of 65 years. His wife had expired and so probably he had developed a sort of repulsive attitude towards women. He always misbehaved with me and other female peers and pretended as if we were his subordinates. He would constantly go and speak ill about me to my senior bosses. I am a patient of dyslexia but still my performance was always appreciated. He would take credit for my works before the bosses and create a false impression of his doing all the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Human Relations Leadership Standards Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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