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Parkinson's Disease - Research Paper Example

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PARKINSON’S DISEASE Name: Institution: Introduction Human beings face numerous health conditions and disease. These conditions could be chronic, in that the disease could be persistent leading to long lasting effects of the symptoms in the human body. These conditions usually progress slowly in the human body and cannot be cured completely like normal maladies…
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Parkinsons Disease Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Like most chronic diseases, the Parkinson’s disease affects an individual for a long period. The disease is progressive, in that its symptoms develop over time. Though Parkinson’s disease is not necessarily life threatening, it has lasting and adverse health, and psychosocial effects on its patients. Medical Description of Parkinson’s Disease The Parkinson’s disease is a disorder that affects the central nervous system, leading to a progressive diminishing of an individual’s ability to control muscles. The neurodegenerative disorder impairs the motor functions of an individual because of the death of body cells that generate dopamine. These cells are located in the Substantia Nigra part of the brain. When dopamine levels are insufficient in the brain, the communication between Substantia Nigra and Corpus Striatum is impaired, affecting the motor functions of an individual. There is also some degree of the deterioration of other brain cell leading to the aggravation of the problem. Though the cause for the death of the cell is unknown, studies have shown that various dysfunctions in cell processes, stress and inflammations are all potential contributors to the cell damage causing Parkinson’s disease (Meagher et al, 2008). ...
Parkinson’s Prevalence Statistics The US is among the regions with a high prevalence for Parkinson’s disease. This is evident with the country recording a figure of 500000 individuals who are suffering from this neurodegenerative disorder. The gravity of the situation is reiterated by statistics depicting that 50000 new cases of the disease are reported annually. Approximately 40% of Parkinson cases are undiagnosed, and this is perhaps a warning for the stakeholders of health in America. The figure of Parkinson’s cases is expected to rise to over 600000 people in 2030. The disease is seen to be inclined to affecting men slightly more than the female gender. The onset of the degenerative disorder is commonly at the average age of 60-years. The disease increases in both prevalence and incidence as an individual advances in age. Individuals under the age of 40 have little chance of suffering from the disorder. This is, however, in contrast with individuals of ages of between 70 and 80 years. Psychosocial Challenges in Parkinson’s Patients When an individual suffers from Parkinson’s disease, their lives tend to change drastically. This is because the disease affects their psychological and social aspects of life. This is because the disease affects how the individual will interact with the society and the state of their mental and emotional health. This is because the individual may struggle to cope with the sudden change in their lives (Margis et al, 2010). This may affect their psychology with an individual resulting to mechanisms like denial, regression and rationalization among other coping styles (Falvo, 2009). The disease may also lead to adverse emotional reactions that will affect the individual’s psychology. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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