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The Issues Facing British Society Today - Essay Example

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The Issues Facing British Society Today England is considered to be a place of elegance, a rich heritage, and sophistication. When people think of the British, the first thought that comes to mind is a race of white, cultured people who are prim and proper and speak English in a much accentuated manner…
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The Issues Facing British Society Today
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The Issues Facing British Society Today

Download file to see previous pages... However, British society today may be quite different from what it originally was decades or centuries ago. Previously being one of the superpowers of the world and ruling nations such as America, India, and other colonies, the British Raj abruptly came to an end when the USA began to gain power and became the new reigning hegemony of the world. While England had many similarities with the USA in terms of economic position, the English language, and some cultural values, there was still a vast difference prevalent between the two nations. Nevertheless, the UK has retained its name as a desirable place for people to settle and is home to millions of immigrants from around the world. It is also home to some of the oldest and best universities in the English speaking world and also houses millions of students from various nationalities each year. While the English culture mixes in with thousands of others to create a new multi-cultural England, there are a multitude of problems and issues surrounding British society today. The first issue surrounding British society today may be a loss of identity because of the immense influence of other cultures prevalent in Great Britain. The traditional culture, accent, and way of life of the British have changed as other cultures and immigrants seep in and cover the mass of London areas. The traditional shopping malls and shops have gained influence from foreign brands and offer a variety of different outfits that appeal to various consumer tastes. The cuisine offered in restaurants is multi-cultural. While traditional fish and chips are still available, the majority of restaurants are diverting their cuisines to offer Indian, Chinese, Lebanese, and other national foods. Hence, British traditions, lifestyles, and the simple British identity may be in danger at the moment as it may not mean the same thing that it previously did (Smith, pp.1695-1698). Britain’s biggest cities are full of people from different nationalities and seldom do you see a fully traditional British person. Hence, the true persona of being British and the cultural values that came along with it may be currently lost to the multitude of cultures superseding or overtaking Great Britain. Another issue faced by British society today is the issue of the effect of media upon the retaining of British culture. American media and the popularity of American films, television, and music may pose to be consequential for British society. While Britain has also produced some of the biggest bands and stars of the world today such as the Spice Girls, BLUE, and sports stars such as David Beckham, the USA monopolizes on most of the entertainment world. All societies are deeply merged with the trends of the USA and the media has also cast a deep influence upon all societies in this manner. The British are no less influenced by American media as British kids have started using slang in their everyday language and are accustomed to listening to rap and other forms of primarily American music. Dressing styles and other American food has become a part of everyday British culture such as McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, and other fast food restaurants. American brands such as Starbucks Coffee and other popular brands are the norms of contemporary British society. Perhaps, the overpowering nature of American ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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