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Is There Still a Role for the Monarchy in Modern British Society - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Is There Still a Role for the Monarchy in Modern British Society?" states that despite the best efforts of the monarchy to become more interactive public figures, the evidence most strongly supports the notion that the monarchy no longer has a measurable role in modern British society. …
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Is There Still a Role for the Monarchy in Modern British Society
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Extract of sample "Is There Still a Role for the Monarchy in Modern British Society"

Download file to see previous pages Based on the evidence which is provided in this essay, it would seem that the general public view is that the monarchy is an outdated system of pageantry and ceremony which no longer has relevance in modern British society.
In today’s closely-linked global community, nature by which certain ruling parties conduct political and foreign affairs seems to always be in the media spotlight. With the growth of international trade and with social access to multiple, global media mediums, the method by which international relationships are formed is always at the forefront of the social consciousness. One representative of BBC News cites how Australia views the British monarchy, citing the opinion of Senator Natasha Stott Despoja who states, “The monarchy is simply not relevant to modern Australia” (Grossman, 1999, p.2). This statement comes from a reputable political leader in Australia, a developed country with considerable influence in global trade and foreign relationships. This Senator’s opinion is based on the difficult history between Britain and Australia and the author believes that most Australian citizens are “unimpressed by the pageantry and tradition of the crown and resentful that it is a British face that stares out at them from their notes and coins” (Grossman, p.2). What is being suggested here is that the modern British monarchy still attempts to use their traditional links with Australia to justify routine criticism of how the country is managed and politically-operated. Clearly, in the view of Australians, the British monarchy is so obsessed with showiness and spectacle that it is unable to recognise the attempts of the Australian people to create their own international identity without any links to the crown. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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