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The Scientific Literacy - Essay Example

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From the paper "The Scientific Literacy" it is clear that one considers that the NASA program is directly attributable to the facilitation of scientific literacy, as the men and women that constitute the backbone of this organization benefited from a strong background in scientific literacy. …
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The Scientific Literacy
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Download file to see previous pages Another consideration is that it allows individuals to predict and explain natural phenomenon. This issue has been a central consideration of humanity to at least as early as Greek antiquity. One considers that processes that had gone unexplained by science had long been attributed to religious or spiritual considerations. Scientific inquiry, as achieved through scientific literacy, has allowed scientists to explore these phenomena through a structured series of investigations. This knowledge then contributes to a more thorough understanding of reality. Another major value of scientific literacy is the ability citizens gain to read scientific publications. This knowledge allows them a more thorough understanding of their daily lives as the knowledge contained therein contributes to a more accurate reflection of existence. One considers that advertisements often claim their products offer things that are not true. This scientific literacy then allows individuals to parse the puffery from the truth (Bybee 1997, p. 9). 2. There are a number of things society will fail to accomplish if it is scientifically illiterate. One considers that scientific literacy is highly important as a means of promoting global health. Without scientific literacy, the innovations and technological achievements that will contribute to advances in medical advancements will never be achieved. The implications for this are manifold as life expectancies will be reduced and much of society will continue to experience states of decline. Another thing society will fail to accomplish if it is scientific illiterate is increased space exploration. The 20th century witnessed tremendous developments in space exploration, as advanced understandings of science allowed humanity to land a man on the moon and explore the solar system in ways never thought imaginable (Rutherford 1997, p. 12). The 21st century faces another series of challenges as it is hoped that humanity can explore Mars and the outer regions of the solar system.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Essay on Scientific Literacy Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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