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The current study “Education in Kuwait: Kuwait University” demonstrates that all teachers in public middle schools in one county of Kuwait are successfully using the inquiry method of teaching science in the classroom after having been trained by Kuwait University…
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Education in Kuwait: Kuwait University
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Download file to see previous pages To create professionally-skilled science teachers, an integration of well-designed programs at the college level supported by well-prepared school environments are needed as a means of accomplishing the goal of teaching science as inquiry.  Kuwait University offers scholarships to master and doctoral level students to study in different developed countries such as the United States, Canada, and Australia (Kuwait University, 2003). The aim of these scholarship funds is to create an expert faculty in different concentration areas including education (Kuwait University, 2003). More specifically, the program for pre-service teachers in science education is designed to meet the standard goals of teaching science in the modern world. The Kuwaiti Ministry of Education also adopts the latest pedagogical methods by attending regional and global educational conferences (Kuwait University, 2003). Both professors and supervisors from the ministry are required to attend these conferences (Kuwait University, 2003). This wave of reform in education both generally and more specifically in the area of science education is occurring within a world in which significant and dynamic changes are occurring. The world is increasingly becoming a “global village” in which actions in one part of the world exert powerful influences on other parts of the world. Modes and speed of travel and communication have changed dramatically in the last half of the twentieth century. Taiwan has a unique role to play in that context, and the educational reform underway in Taiwan is strongly influenced by reforms that have been initiated in other parts of the world, sometimes in very different cultural settings. Establishing literate citizen starts in the schools while the future of the nation’s productivity may very well be affected by what is learned in the science classroom. In order to meet the goals for science education, it is necessary to create science teachers who are skilled and meet the goals of the national standards in modernized parts of the world. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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