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A Problem in a Real Organization in Kuwait - Research Paper Example

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The aim of the paper “A Problem in a Real Organization in Kuwait” is to discuss Kuwait problems in accessing information communication technology in the 90s. Kuwait, as an oil-rich country, is among the major producers of oil in the international market…
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A Problem in a Real Organization in Kuwait
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Extract of sample "A Problem in a Real Organization in Kuwait"

A Problem in a Real Organization
Information technology has globally provided phenomenological impact for borderless communication. But Kuwait however suffered problems in accessing information communication technology in the 90s, thus, have expressed dissatisfaction even in the utilization of the apps on instant messaging.
Kuwait, as an oil rich country, is among the major producers of oil in the international market. However, while most of the oil producers in United Arab Emirates (UAE) region are able to maximize the utilization of information technology to hasten business operation and network communication, Kuwait suffer differently for its inability due to alleged inability of infotech companies to develop system that is adaptive to the country’s geographic system and due to poor appreciation about knowledge acquisition pertaining to IT development (Li, Chau, & Lou, 2005; pp. 102-126). While social networks bloom globally and although it there is increased percentile of companies engaged in internet development , the technology experts in Kuwait were yet at that time evaluating the value of available ICT in the region (Li, Chau, & Lou, 2005; pp. 102-126). Study showed that on the use of IM application, which is one of the easiest ways for real time instant messaging for Kuwaiti, proved that IM subscribers were only using it to satisfy curiosity and to generate online friends (Li, Chau, & Lou, 2005; pp. 102-126). The internet connectivity was not immediately optimized as tool for business operation to hasten inter-departmental communication for ecology-friendly working places; for accessing more opportunities offshore; and for optimizing it for business transparency of companies to gain market credibility (Li, Chau, & Lou, 2005; pp. 102-126).
In response to these challenges, the Kuwaiti academies have developed curriculum that teaches students about the multifarious use of information technology. Such strategically educated human resource about the relevance of ICT not only for instant message to gather friends and for curiosity, but also taught them how information superhighway developed convergence of people for intelligible utilization with user-friendly tools for coversion, interpretation, and integration of information.,
selection, conversion and interpretation facilities (Buabbas, 2006, pp. 1-18). Kuwaiti libraries were also developed for online and ICT instruction and research (Rogers, 2007, pp. 366-78). Nowadays, companies in Kuwait have made it a policy to hire employees that have specialization or at least some courses on information technology (Buabbas, 2006, pp. 1-18). Knowledge on ICT is fundamental for business operations, for making reports.
Other than business related pursuits, ICT in Kuwait has become one of the leading instruments for cultural understanding and online discourse with the rest of the international online community. Through it, employees also learn knowledge from offshore companies’ techniques and strategies in managing business and in taking care of human resources. The latter are significant in scaling up the business operation of a company. Through ICT education, Kuwaiti’s business sectors now have attained success in administrative and operational concerns.
Li, D., Chau, P. Y., & Lou, H. (2005). Understanding individual adoption of instant messaging: An empirical investigation. Journal of Association for Information Systems, 6(4), 102-126.
Buabbas, H. (2006). Provision and use of new ICT services in Kuwait University Libraries. MSc. Dissertation, Leeds Metropolitan University. Yorkshire, UK. pp. 1-18
Rogers, A. (2007). Assessing trends to cultivate new thinking in academic libraries. Library Management, Kuwait, 28 (6/7), pp. 366-78. Read More
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