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Studying chemical engineering in the united states - Essay Example

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I am enthusiastic about studying chemical engineering because utilizes chemical substances to design products and systems that improve…
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Studying chemical engineering in the united states
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Extract of sample "Studying chemical engineering in the united states"

Download file to see previous pages It is clear that most of the renowned institutions in the world are located in the US including Stanford, Harvard, Yale and John Hopkins University. Sadly, Kuwaiti universities do not enjoy a similar stature.
I hope to study in the US because the society has persistently changed because employers are not accepting graduates from any learning institution. A degree from a university can be insignificant especially if it is not recognizable by universal employers and major institutions. Consequently, I saw it essential to choose US since its degrees are recognizable in the world because of their quality. Unlike the colleges in Kuwaiti, the accreditation of US colleges is dependent on the experience of their lecturers, educational structures and appraisal from major corporations. Leading corporations recruit excellent students from reputable organizations to become employees in their institutions. The organizations are confident the recruits present the best talent in the market.
The universities in the US are attractive based on their diverse education system; thus, my desire to study in the country. The universities scout for tutors and professors from various backgrounds who are experts. Additionally, the students originate from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. This allows them to share similar classrooms and living environments. I believe the diverse perspectives and knowledge of the students and professors add value to the quality of education. Consequently, I am likely to understand diverse viewpoints of the material presented during class when the students and tutors originate from diverse backgrounds. I believe a diverse educational setting presents unique opportunities to the students and tutors. Globalization enhances an individual’s capacity to interact with persons from different cultural settings. The experiences in the American universities will broaden my social and cross cultural ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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