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The interview with a jail superintendent - Essay Example

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This interview was conducted with a jail superintendent. He had the role of looking after the jail inmates and the people who worked under his aegis. This interview found out how he worked alongside the juveniles and young offenders, and what kind of assistance was provided through his domains to such individuals…
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The interview with a jail superintendent
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This jail superintendent believed that the jail inmates needed to learn whilst they stayed within the jail. Their work ensured that he remained satisfied with their chores and made them feel one step ahead of what their life asked of them. This was essential because it listed down the basis of their success in the times to follow. The jail superintendent therefore chalked out a plan under which the juveniles were taught education based on their respective levels of interest and sound understanding. This jail superintendent is therefore of the view that “the juveniles within his jail setting should be given lessons that shall make their lives become proper” and hence their future would be secured. This is indeed somewhat of an interesting understanding that I found out, and it dawned upon me that not many jail settings and facilities actually preach such an ideology to begin with. The jail superintendent interacts with juveniles through formal approaches where the juveniles are asked to commit to the tasks that the jail authorities ask of them. The interaction is based on the learning premise more than anything else. The jail superintendent has created a schedule under which all juveniles spend their entire day. He suggests that “these juveniles need to be true to who they are and what they do in their day to day lives to bring about a better future for their own selves”. ...
At night, they study for 30 minutes and then watch television in the common room. They have dinner right after that and sleep at about 10 in the night. This schedule is indeed one that fosters productivity, a sense of optimism and development right from the outset of things. Juvenile delinquency is therefore an aspect that has received much flak in the recent times. This is because people believe that the juveniles are not being treated fairly as they have landed up in jails due to the misguidance of other people. This is a fact that needs to be understood properly before one reaches such a conclusion. The juvenile system is geared to touch base with the harsh realities of life which happen within the jail system from time to time. It must be corrected to have a fair enough understanding as to how a jail superintendent sees the functioning of the jail facility. The jail superintendent is bent on offering a proper schedule to the jail inmates and more seriously inclined towards the juveniles who are residing within it, as he suggests that “the juveniles need to follow a dictum which shall bring success for the society as a whole”. This system actually works to good measure for the juveniles. The system can definitely be improved immensely as the jail superintendent suggests. This can only come about when there are concerted efforts to tie in the good practices that are adopted in the jails all over the world. The jail superintendent is confident that with the right efforts on his part and the authorities that he reports to, there could be immense benefits for the juveniles and the jail inmates that are living within his jail facility (Rantakallio, 1994). According to his perspective, the jail philosophy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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