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Air Pollution and its Impact on Children: Polluted Air Equals Long-Term Issues - Essay Example

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Air Pollution and its Impact on Children: Polluted Air Equals Long-Term Issues YOUR NAME HERE INSTRUCTOR NAME HERE Abstract The air of the United States and around the world, once clean and safe to breathe, has become a choked, tangled mess of particles, chemicals, and emissions…
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Air Pollution and its Impact on Children: Polluted Air Equals Long-Term Issues
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Download file to see previous pages It is important to be mindful that those health issues are the ones that affect children not already suffering from a preexisting condition such as asthma or allergies; should this be the case, the impact of air pollution on the body of a child is almost unthinkable. Through book and internet research, as well as review of empirical research studies, this paper will examine the effects of air pollution and the impact of breathing dirty, clogged air on the health and lives of children. Air Pollution and its Impact on Children: Polluted Air Equals Long-Term Issues In the book for children entitled The Lorax, first published in 1971 by author Theodor S. Geisel, known to most as Dr. Seuss, a rather grim tale is told of environmental pollution and waste. Upon scenic and pristine land a factory moves in, and soon all around are forced to leave as the water is turned into sludge, the trees are ravaged and cut down for product, and the air is turned into smog. The “Lorax”, projecting himself as “speaking for the trees”, appears from a stump and comes through eloquently in his pleas with the owner of the factory, the “Once-ler”, as he tries to no avail to make the reality of destruction apparent. In the end, nothing is left except the factory itself and the pollution that was created, pollution that the factory created, which has not disappeared, even years later as the “Once-ler” sadly reminisces about what he has done to the land. All life around the factory has either been destroyed or fled the area, and barren desolation is all that is able to stay. Though at the time The Lorax was published Dr. Seuss was simply trying, as in many of his books, to teach lessons through lively, colorful characters and whimsical, sometimes nonsensical verses, the story of The Lorax has now become a reality throughout the world as pollution seeps into the skies and destroys the air. Across the United States and around the world, millions of people, including children, are living in areas where the air that they breathe is not healthy for them. It cannot be denied that the air, as time marches on, has gotten less and less attractive to breathe. Wide-open skies and sunny spaces free of pollution are becoming harder and harder to find. Since the end of World War II, more than 65,000 new chemical compounds have been released into the environment, including land, water, and air, and more chemical compounds are finding their way into the world every day (Pope, Snyder & Mood, 1995). A more sobering thought is that currently there are 72,000 chemicals in use on the open market, including those used in chemical processes and manufacturing, all of which are releasing some form of byproduct into the air (Pope, Snyder & Mood, 1995). A report released in 1979 by the Surgeon General noted that “there is virtually no chronic disease to which environmental factors do not contribute, either directly or indirectly” (Pope, Snyder & Mood, 1995). Unfortunately, things have not gotten better with time, and the same can still be said of air pollution in 2012. In some areas, the air carries serious health risks to all that breathe it. According to the American Lung Association (2012), over 127 million people, approximately 41% of the United States, still breathe air that carries hazardous levels of pollution. Despite laws such as the Clean Air Act, passed in 1970, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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