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What is Sociology - Research Paper Example

Spontaneous collective behavior may develop into a social movement. Collective behavior has been applied in many situations that have brought changes in the structure of social institutions. Collective behavior as a sociological concept is important since it can bring structural changes of social institutions. What is Sociology? Thesis Statement Collective behavior as a sociological concept is important since it can bring structural changes in social institutions. Definition of Sociology The American Sociological Association (2012) simply defines sociology as the study of the society. It further defines sociology as a social science that involves the study of social lives of groups, societies, and people. Browne (2011) defines sociology as the organized or systematic study of social life and human groups in modern societies. It entails the study of social institutions. Social institutions are various systematic arrangements found in all societies. For instance, the family is an institution associated with the marriage arrangement. With the family arrangement come notions related to the age at which people should marry, the individuals they are supposed to marry, the number of partners they should have, and how they should bring up their children. Other social institutions include the education, economic and work systems. The mentioned social institutions build up the social structure of the society. Sociology attempts to understand how these social functions work, and how they associate

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Education in Sociology
As sociology is the study of the society, it is concerned with humans and how they perform within a society with others and their social activities (Comte & Auguste, 2005) Human behavior is complex, and therefore, sociology includes various studies of diverse subjects such as economic, political and religious.
9 pages (2250 words)Research Paper
Although sociology developed very late as a field of science, its standing compared to other sciences is as strong as ever. The concepts, contributors, terminologies, and generalizations of sociology help in the development of generally acceptable theories.
4 pages (1000 words)Research Paper
In sociology, people in the society get studied in a number of ways. The perspective from which sociology views the society is quite different from the way a normal person could view it. Sociology by the help of the sociological perspective achieves viewing the society from another angle.
4 pages (1000 words)Assignment
Before he had even entered education as a sociologist, Weber had already formed many of his ideas based on what his mother believed and taught Weber and his siblings. Weber spent much of his childhood researching different parts of social life throughout the ages,
1 pages (250 words)Research Paper
The thirst for dominating others in all segments of human life is increasing everyday and each degree of increase of such activities will result in the decrease of moral principles from human life. Perhaps, religion is the only entity in our
2 pages (500 words)Research Paper
Sociology week 3nd wrk
Consequently, corporations and government agencies should offer diversity training because it is a crucial element of present and future organizational success and growth. From functionalist approach,
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Family Sociology
Another type is blended family, which is formed through a remarriage and which includes step siblings and their parents. An another type of family can be a combination of
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Sociology research
PPP adjustment takes into account the necessity of countries maintaining balances as to avoid making misleading comparisons; there adjustments have to be made to include only a county’s income. Per capita is used because it measures everyone’s income and therefore
4 pages (1000 words)Research Paper
The Sociology of Emotion
, such as causes intertwined with consequences of things such as race, aging, romantic love, conflicts in the family, faith and religion and so on (Wexler, 2009). It also investigates things from a societal level, and also offers explanations to things such as, poverty versus
9 pages (2250 words)Research Paper
From the theoretical analysis, dispositions and habits are perceived as a resource that is capable of generating ‘profits’ and are subject to monopolisation by the dominant groups in the society. However, the economic capital differs from cultural capital since legitimisation of cultural capital in the society occurs in a different manner.
9 pages (2250 words)Research Paper
with each other. For instance, it tempts to analyze how the family might influence the performance of children in the education system (Browne, 2011). Different Perspectives on Collective Behavior There are many sociological concepts that may be subjected to debate. However, this paper will be limited to discussing collective behavior as a sociological concept. Collective behavior is defined as spontaneous (unplanned) action by groups in situations (or circumstances) where the cultural rules of behavior are debatable, inadequate, or vague. It entails diverse actions such as spontaneous candle-lit vigils and mob violence. These actions are unplanned to an extent that groups or individuals improvise a joint reaction to a problematic or unusual situation. It differs from social movements in that they are short lived, the participants do not have a clear social agenda, and neither do they have enough resources to affect public policy (Brinkerhoff, Ortega, and White, 2007). Sociologists studying collective behavior attempt to discover the circumstances under which different forms of spontaneous collective behavior happen, and why the events are associated or not associated with social movements. It is important to note that collective behavior can occur in masses or in crowds, or in both simultaneously. The actual “behavior a crowd or mass generates depends largely on the emotions the people feel are appropriate to express in a particular situation” (Kornblum, 2011, p213). This means that the individuals may be motivated by various desires such as the need for change, excitement, or material gain. However, majority of them will express their emotions in a manner to suggest that the norms of the event are appropriate (Kornblum, 2011, p213). The Lofland typology is important in the classification of some forms of collective behavior. However, it is worth noting that at times these categories overlap. Mass behavior can turn into crowd behavior. The spontaneous collective behavior may develop into a social movement. For instance, the effects of the stock market crash in


Basically, sociology is the study of society. It involves the study of social lives of groups, societies, social institutions, and people. There are many sociological concepts that may be subjected to debate. …
What is Sociology
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