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Social Work, Social Justice, Cultural Diversity And Human Dignity" Abstract Social structure depicts the way in which a society is planned and arranged. The term ‘social structure’ is defined as the way in which society is organized into preset associations…
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Social Work, Social Justice, Cultural Diversity and Human Dignity
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Download file to see previous pages Technological advancement has overlaid the foundation of global culture. The world seems to be small and people are approachable as individuals are connected through the Internet, satellites, and mobile phones sweeping away cultural limits. Through global entertainment, individuals are now able to perceive the culture and tradition followed in one country or community from anywhere across the world, thereby influencing the local values, norms and culture. Introduction Sociology is concerned with the study and understanding of human’s activities, survival, quality attached in the co-operative manner and form a society. Society is a group of individuals that are confined to a specific geographical area. It is important to appreciate the set rules and regulations how to behave in a society, the attitude of an individual, performance, actions, intelligence as well as the significance of being a part of society. The study encompasses various factors that shape the personality of the individual, sociology, therefore, deals with the examination of these factors which play an important role in defining the qualities of a person. The factors are associated with the mannerism, behavior, family background, cultural predisposition of the society, family unit, outlook, opinion, mindset, outlook of the individual that broadly depends on the upbringing and the family orientation. These are the basic factors or elements which contribute to the personality of the individual and, hence, the individual’s attitude towards others (What is sociology, anyway ? Why bother to study it?). A congenial, co-operative, understanding, empathic attitude in the family nurtures and inculcates the positive attitude in the personal disposition of the child and in every family member. This attitude aids positive gesture, actions and feelings. A positive attitude towards mankind, influencing thoughts and personal attitude, brings a soft attitude. In contrast, if the individuals are brought up with frustration and abuse then the personality displays such traits through short tempered nature, aggressive temperament, unhealthy feelings towards others, negative approach for life and also for people (What is sociology, anyway ? Why bother to study it?). It is essential to study sociology as it relates to people and how they interact with their environment. It is related with the anthropology and psychology. Society has interrelationships and networks. Sociology utilizes scientific methods to examine the individual and the society and hence there is no vague decision but it is logical and as per the set theories of sociology. There are certain changes which are made with the passage of time and with the advent of new technologies (What is sociology, anyway ? Why bother to study it?). Social structure depicts the way in which a society is planned and arranged into. It is, therefore, essential to study sociology. The term ‘social structure’ is defined as the way in which society is organized into preset associations which involve the extent of people bearing analogous norms, standards and prospects sharing interactions on a usual basis (What is sociology, anyway ? Why bother to study it?). Social groups may be primary, secondary, or alliances, contributing to the establishment of a social network which, in turn, persuade the configuration of social organizations. The study of sociology is essential as human is a unit of a society and, hence, participating in influencing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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